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There is trouble in Gotham City, with a capital T, and most of it comes from the city’s Police Department led by Harvey Bullock. After last week’s encounter with the newest villain, Professor Pyg (short for Pygmalion), Jim Gordon basically had his world rocked when he learned that his closest ally on the force, Harvey, was also in bed with Penguin. After returning to work, Jim insisted that Harvey no longer take Penguin’s money (it sure explains why Harvey was so adamant that they follow Penguin’s crime license protocols). Harvey, however, didn’t seem to keen on abiding by his friend’s request.

In fact, after receiving a clue as to the whereabouts of some missing officers, Harvey took charge … and notified Penguin so that he and his men, headed by substitute hitman Headhunter (Victor is away visiting “his boo”), could meet them at the location and take out Pyg. Of course Penguin has a vested interest in stopping the man who is killing his employees so why wouldn’t one of them alert him with this information? Unfortunately, it also told Jim that Harvey is perhaps too far gone at this point to ever be a trusted friend or police officer ever again.

Pyg has not helped things by creating animosity between Gordon and the GCPD, especially when he delivers pig’s heads to every officer in the department … except for Gordon. It’s a message that’s been received loud and clear and it’s driven a wedge between Jim and Harvey. But after an incident with an injured officer leads the GCPD to the warehouse, and then that officer and the ambulance go missing, and then Jim gets a call from Pyg making him realize they’re all being set up, neither Harvey or Penguin believe him.

Jim tries and tries to convince them that if they rush into the warehouse, they will die, but Harvey’s not buying it and Penguin is just egging him on. But rush in they do and find Pyg ready to kill another officer. He’s shot, but it turns out the officer is a dummy and the real officer was under the pig mask trying to signal for help. Then all hell breaks loose as automatic machine guns go off, taking out nearly everyone in the room. Of course Harvey, Harper and a couple of others take cover, and Gordon becomes the hero by stopping the guns. But the whole incident has left Harvey in a bad state. Penguin is telling the media he had nothing to do with urging them to rush into the warehouse, and Jim is obviously disappointed with his friend. Things leave off with an extremely resentful Harvey Bullock, making us wonder if he’s long for this world. Because at some point, Gordon has to ascend to Captain so he can eventually become Commissioner.


Elsewhere, Tabita and Selina are a bit pissed off with Barbara who is shutting down her recently opened business since Ra’s al Ghul is no longer around to finance the operation. But Selina is determined to prove they can still work together, and decides to take on a local chop shop by herself. Naturally she gets herself cornered and called Tabitha for help, and then they both find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. In walks Barb asking the guys if they ordered Thai (“No.” “Good, because I don’t have any.”) and takes out all five of them with just the slightest bit of help Tabitha and her whip. Barbara takes a cut of the money Selina just heisted and walks out. Oh, but she didn’t just come for the fun of it, she’s reconsidered and wants to continue to work with her friends. And thus is born the Gotham City Sirens. (Yes, the comics version is led by Harley Quinn, but Gotham‘s Barbara is the show’s stand-in for that character.)

Meanwhile, Bruce is still dealing with the aftermath of what he did to Ra’s and he’s not handling it well, insisting on some charity be held at Wayne Manor so he doesn’t have to leave the house. But after snapping at Alfred and taking refuge alone in the kitchen, one of his former classmates pops in to ask if he wants to go somewhere. He decides he does want to get out after all and they go to the apartment of some other classmates. There Bruce comes face to face with a kid we last saw a very young Bruce beating the crap out of, but he said he actually deserved it. But the new punk in the group, Brant Jones, doesn’t seem too impressed by Bruce.

Deciding to go out to a club, Brant insists he knows people who can get them in, but the bouncer stops them in their tracks. Bruce steps up to speak to the manager, he has a conversation and comes back all smiles, getting his friends into the club, except for Brant that is. And how did he pull off this feat? He bought the club. The kids partied hard but it looks like Master Bruce is about to tumble head first down a very dark rabbit hole.

And what of Headhunter, who carries two guns to kill first and shot a second time because “that’s my signature”? He obviously does not have the skills of a Victor Zsasz, more impressed with himself than anything else, and after sustaining a serious eye injury at the warehouse, Penguin let him know just how he felt — by stabbing him in the neck. And again in the abdomen because “that’s my signature.” Ouch.

Gotham airs Thursday at 8:00 PM on FOX.

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