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Professor Pyg is back but before we get to that … Bruce is acting like a little brat! You know, Alfred warned him about going down that dark path and killing Ra’s al Ghul but did he take heed? No. And now he can’t deal with it. All those years spent wanting revenge for his parents’ death and now he’s discovered that nothing will ever bring him the peace he wants. So now he’s in a downward spiral of acting out and ditching Alfred in the woods, and then treating him like a common servant instead of the one person in the world who truly cares for him. I don’t know what it’s going to take to snap young Master Bruce out of this, but I hope it doesn’t take too long because I don’t like this side of him. At all.

Penguin isn’t having such a good time of it either, finally thinking he has one true friend in Sofia Falcone but suspicious that she’s betrayed him by getting Jim Gordon installed as the new captain of Gotham Central. But Penguin needs some eyes and ears on Sofia, someone who can be very quiet and who better than his new “conspirator” Martin, who happily accepts his friend’s invitation to spy on the woman who has already done so much for the boy. But I guess Penguin has done more by showing the kid who to stand up for himself so that kind of mentoring wins out over a roof over one’s head. And while Sofia is planning a big event that evening, Penguin says he’s got other things to do, like find out who’s betrayed him.

Pyg has been very busy too, first dressing as a rabbi and offering the homeless a warm meal. Laced with poison. Then he sets up a tent outside Gotham Central with two of the bodies inside, a “Vive la resistance” card on the table. And then a couple of large hogs began eating one of the corpses. Yikes! If Jim doesn’t have enough on his mind right now on his first day as captain, including the wreckage of his friendship with Harvey, Pyg popping up again isn’t one more thing he needs to deal with. What Jim doesn’t know is that all of Pyg’s machinations are going to be focused on one location — Sofia Falcone’s charity event which will host Gotham’s most elite. And lucky for Pyg, Penguin has had a change of heart and will be attending as well, so as not to miss a performance by Martin of course. (And Penguin is certainly Pyg’s main target.)


The dinner scene comes and it is deliriously over-the-top. Pyg has taken over the kitchen (probably having killed the original caterer) and finally announces himself to the assembled guests. He then explains how the fat cats of Gotham have been feeding off of the poor so this time they get to feed ON the poor. Yep, Pyg has gone all Sweeney Todd (or Mrs. Lovett) and crafted yummy meat and organ pies courtesy of his early dinner guests. Gordon had already discovered that Pyg had been harvesting organs but he didn’t know yet for what.

Pygmust insist that everyone enjoy their pies or Martin dies. But first … a little song and dance. I almost fell out when I heard the music start playing because I knew what the song was and then Pyg launched into a hilariously unsettling rendition of “Cellblock Tango” from Chicago, and guest Michael Cerveris (himself a Tony winning Broadway star) made the whole thing more menacing than unintentionally hilarious. You wanted to laugh but at the same time it was such a frighteningly bizarre moment you weren’t sure what to do.


But Penguin was tired of the theatrics and blamed Sofia for what was happening. She said it wasn’t her and then Pyg jammed a pen or something sharp into the back of her hand, pinning it to the table. And when one of the guests said that he was willing to let Matin die than eat the meat pie, Penguin took a similar object and slammed it into the top of the man’s head, killing him instantly. And then he surprised us all when he took a big bite of pie, smearing it all over his face. Awwww, Penguin really does like that kid. And suddenly Gotham is something straight out of the Grand Guignol.

Everyone else begins to eat too, a case of cannibalism or death, in what has to be one of the most, if not THE most unsettling scene in the show’s history. But Gordon has figured out where Pyg is and gets there before they have to eat more than a few bites, resulting in a battle royale between the cop and the Pyg, knives and cleavers flying while Jim defends himself with whatever is handy as he finds himself crawling backwards on the dinner table with the Pyg above him. But Jim finally gets the upper hand and manages to take down Pyg, who is paraded out in front of the press who had given Gordon a hard time earlier about taking over the captain’s desk and now thank him for keeping his promise to catch Pyg. All in a first day’s duty.

After the dust has settled Penguin confronted Sofia, whom Martin had seen kiss Jim, and she admitted it was she who got Jim the captainship. But she said she did it for Penguin and actually got him to lift his criminal licensing program. She also told him that Gordon meant nothing to her and he could put whoever he wanted in the captain’s office of Gotham Central. But will he, and can he now that it seems the rest of the officers are now on Jim’s side?

Gotham returns Thursday, November 30 at 8:00 PM on FOX.

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