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Wow! Gotham really delivered this week giving us the best episode of the season so far. All the major players had something to do this week. Oh wait, Ivy is still missing, and Selina and Tabitha are also MIA for a second week. Barbara was barely there, but at least she had some major business in her one scene. So where do we start?

Bruce, of course, and he’s really stepped in it this week. The boy is still blaming himself for Alex’s death, spending sleepless nights trying to decipher the inscription on the dagger’s sheath. Using what the historian had been able to translate, Bruce believes the dagger was meant for the person resurrected by the magical waters of the Lazarus Pit. Well, that could be anyone at this point. Ra’s al Ghul, Barbara, even Alfred! The question is for what purpose does Ra’s need the dagger?

Alfred tries to talk some sense into Bruce about not going down a dark path he’ll never recover from, but the kid just can’t let it go, getting into the locked drawer, taking the dagger and heading off to break IN to Blackgate prison. What Bruce doesn’t know is that earlier Barbara had paid Ra’s a visit, offering to help him bust out of the joint, but when he said he called her there to say goodbye, she was a bit miffed. What about all the promises he made her, the gift he was to give her that was beyond her wildest dreams? Ra’s placed his hand on the glass wall of his cell, motioned for her to do the same and a faint glow emanated from his palm. He gave her something alright, but what?

But when Bruce arrived, Ra’s was asleep. He had his chance to plunge the dagger into his back but he could not do it. Leaving the cell, Ra’s was suddenly awake and standing behind him, calling him a coward, telling him he’s still not ready. And it turns out Ra’s disposed of all the prison guards and filled their places with his own men who took Bruce to the prison’s sub-basement. Ra’s revealed to Bruce that he needed the dagger for one purpose — to die. Living for centuries had been a curse, but when he arose from the Lazarus Pit he had a vision of Bruce as the one who would help him die. But Bruce still refused until … Ra’s told him that he’d let Ra’s live and he’d disappear, Bruce would grow up, get married, have children, probably forget Ra’s even existed. Then one day Ra’s would return and kill everyone Bruce loved. He said this with such venom that Bruce snapped and plunged the dagger into Ra’s chest, and he whithered away into a shriveled corpse (and there was some great music for this moment).

Bruce assumed he’s be arrested for murder when Gordon and Alfred found him, but Jim was not sure what he had just seen, so they’d just consider Ra’s as “missing.” But Bruce is now guilty about going down that path Alfred warned him about and was prepared to burn his special suit and get out of the vigilante business. Alfred, though, had a change of heart, telling Bruce this has gotten bigger than just taking own Ra’s al Ghul. There’s be a bumpy road ahead, but Alfred said he’s always believe in Master Bruce and took the suit for safe keeping until Bruce was ready to don it again.


Now, what is Sofia Falcone up to? She invited Penguin to have lunch with her at a Hungarian restaurant run by someone loyal to the Falcone family. She claims to want people to see her and Penguin together in public so that any remaining Falcone loyalists will come to roost under Penguin’s umbrella (he’s not happy that 14% of the crime in Gotham is not under his license). Penguin doesn’t trust her, employing a taster for his food, then taking a bite of heavily paprika’d chicken and saying he was stuffed. But there was still the main course – goulash. Well, no one could make a goulash as good as his dear mother’s but taking one bite of this dish obviously had an effect on him, so much so that he stormed out of the place. Sofia, who had tracked down Gertrude Kapelput’s original recipe, thought the cook had messed something up but it was made to the exact specification. Going to Oswald’s club, he wanted to know what her game was, giving him goulash that tasted exactly like his mother’s. She again said she wasn’t trying to play him and noticed how he was rubbing a sore ankle. Sofia got down on her knees and held Oswald’s ankle, telling him it was the heat that made it feel better. Then she started humming something that brought a tear to Oswald’s eye. Oh, she’s playing him.

And then there was Ed and his new friend. The last time we saw Butch Gilzean, Barbara had put a bullet between his eyes. Now six months later, and still in a coma, the hospital needs to free up some beds so they dump Butch (or is it Cyrus Gold) into Slaughter Swamp, which is contaminated with toxic waster from Indian Hill. How convenient! It doesn’t take long before zombie Butch rises from the swamp, and even his hand has grown back! Coming upon a group of hobos, they try to be friends but one of them keeps waving a torch in his face like he’s the Frankenstein monster and it doesn’t end well for them. But zombie Butch gets some clothes, as all he’s got now are some shredded trousers, and a new name courtesy of a record that was playing a song about a man born on a Monday, Solomon Grundy.


Grundy then stumbles upon Ed who recognizes him as Butch and is astounded that his hand is back. Grundy believes they are friends but Ed tells him they aren’t and tries to get away. But an angry mob of hobos finds them and starts to attack but Grundy dispatches them all and offers Ed a hot dog from a nearby cart. After seeing this display of strength, Ed decides to play along and tell Grundy that they are indeed the best of friends but he can’t help Solomon because he can’t even help himself. But he has a plan for how they can make a lot of money. Taking Grundy to some kind of underground, punk rock fight club, Ed approaches a woman who identifies herself as the owner (her name is Cherry, by the way). Ed wants to put his new friend in the ring just as another badly beaten man is taken out. Cherry wants Grundy to be checked out by their doctor who just happens to be … Lee Thompkins-Falcone! This should be interesting when the three of them come face-to-face.

Gotham airs Thursday at 8:00 PM on FOX.

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