Gotham :: Who’s got the knife?


Let me get this off of my chest… where’s Ivy??? Okay, moving on.

This week’s episode of Gotham was written by James Gordon himself, Ben McKenzie, and he did a pretty good job considering this was the big week when Penguin and Riddler were reunited, and he gave Penguin some more action in the story as well. And the more chances Robin Lord Taylor has to shine, the better.

But the main focus of this week’s episode, “The Demon’s Head”, was that dagger Bruce won at Penguin’s auction in the last episode. But instead of being upset about Barbara not winning the bid — okay, he is a tad upset with her — he’s okay that Bruce has it, so Barbara doesn’t have to die again. (Although, if she was brought back to life in the Lazarus Pit like Ra’s, does that mean she’s now immortal? And Alfred too? Or maybe he didn’t get quite the same dosage as she did.)

Bruce’s problem is that he has no idea what the dagger is for, who wanted it so badly or what the markings on the sheath mean. He takes it to an antiquities expert who is able to translate the inscription into something very ominous sounding, especially when it describes the rightful owner of the dagger as The Demon’s Head. The old man’s grandson, asks what that is, but it’s not a what, it’s a who. And before you can say Ra’s al Ghul, Ra’s al Ghul manages to slip past security and get into the building. But the dagger was gone with the grandson, Alex, and poor Dr. Winthrop had his neck snapped.

Bruce told Gordon as much as he could about the dagger and the auction, so it was off to see Barbara, who had been entertaining some of Ra’s’ “friends” including Anubis who appeared to be a wild dog in human form. While they were out searching for whoever had the dagger, Jim tried to get information from Barbara but it was Bruce butting in uninvited that gave him a sense of who is bankrolling Barbara. She didn’t admit to anything but the look on her face and her demeanor changed when Bruce said it was Ra’s al Ghul. Bruce tried to explain just who Ra’s is and Jim called Harper to get her to find out as much as she could. In a moment of throwaway humor, we can hear Harper asking how to spell the name as Jim focuses on something else and hangs up. Because the first thing I thought was how is she going to know how to spell that. Well played, Ben.

But who should pop in to the GCPD than Ra’s al Ghul, a diplomatic representative from Nanda Parbat with some legend about the dagger and how important it is to have it back before anyone really notices that it’s missing. Gordon isn’t buying any of it, but before he can get deeper into this conversation, Alfred storms in upset about Master Bruce, sees Ra’s and punches him in the face. During all the commotion, Ra’s slips out and Gordon tells Harper that if Alfred tries to leave, she can arrest him. Alfred asks on what charges and Gordon says Harper will think of something. Zing!

Bruce has gone to find Alex and the two boys and Gordon find they’re being tracked by Anubis and The Hunter. They manage to escape after knocking some bookcases over in a library but in the museum, they can’t get away from Ra’s who has gotten a hold of Alex. Ra’s asks for the dagger in return for Alex, but Bruce won’t relinquish it and, shockingly, Ra’s slits Alex’s throat! Ben McKenzie had the balls to kill off a child! It was a shocking moment that ended with Ra’s being arrested and shipped off to Blackgate Penitentiary … and he actually looked happy to be there. What’s his game now?


Also this week, Sofia Falcone returned to her family home in Gotham but not before Penguin demanded an audience with her to put to rest any paranoia he has about her father coming back to town and taking over again. Sofia assured him she was only there because this was her home and he seemed to buy it. Later at her home, three of Carmine’s former crime bosses who had been in hiding came to ask when Falcone was returning. Sofia could not convince them that he was not — and she never let on to anyone that he’s dying — when Penguin walked in. It was all a set-up to flush out Falcone’s former associates. Penguin had Victor Szazs dispatch the three men and assured Sofia that now his paranoia was quelled.

Back at the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin was none too pleased when a couple of homeless guys came to deliver a message from Ed, in the form of a beat box, rap riddle … that made little sense but Penguin assumed Ed wanted to meet him at the dock, again. But Ed was a no show. Ed however thought Penguin was a no show at wherever he was so the men returned with another riddle, stating that Penguin was to meet at a place where people lie, talk and cry. Penguin said that could be anywhere and Victor wanted to know if he could just torture the guys. Sure, why not.

But if Penguin won’t come to the mountain, the mountain will finally come to him, really peeved that Penguin ignored his “invitation.” Ed, or The Riddler, had to explain the answer was a cemetery, completely exasperating Penguin. Basically laughing in Ed’s face, and refusing to call him that ridiculous name, Penguin asked how long it took him to come up with those two terrible riddles. Ed admitted it took six hours, and Penguin was beside himself because there really is something wrong with Ed’s brain. And he also had another Victor waiting in the wings, Ed’s old friend Victor Fries. In another humorous moment, Fries asked if he wanted to be frozen in the same position as before or something new. Ed waved his hands and plead not to be frozen again and Victor just said, “Same pose.” But Penguin stopped him because this person who cowered before him was not The Riddler. He wasn’t even Edward Nygma. He was just a shell of his former adversary and he almost seemed to take pity on the man, but he felt the better punishment was letting him live in this condition, a sorry excuse for the man he used to be. Ouch.

But has Penguin even noticed that Ivy has gone missing? We didn’t see Selina or Tabitha this week, but do they know she’s gone missing? What exactly happened to her at that little shop of horrors a couple of episodes back?

What did you think of this episode? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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