?Will Gotham succumb to madness?


The Court of Owls is really taking its plans of destruction to the next level on Gotham this week, and now we know exactly how they plan to rid the city of its human vermin and start the rebuilding process. Not with an actual weapon that will destroy the buildings and all who inhabit them, but something more insidious – the Alice Tetch virus. But with Alice dead, from where will the Court get the virus?

The city has one prominent, infected citizen all locked up at Arkham — Captain Barnes, to whom Kathryn pays a visit. She needs his blood to extract the virus, and luckily she also has Professor Strange at her disposal. While Strange is basically her prisoner, we do find out that he was able to cure Fish Mooney while they’ve been MIA since the first part of the season, so does that mean we’ll see more Fish before things come to a head this season?


In any case, Strange goes to work weaponizing the virus and making it airborne so victims no longer have to actually come into contact with the blood. At a meeting of the Court, the members are asked to give a list of names of those to be spared and after everyone leaves, Jim returns to get a fingerprint from Kathryn’s mask so Harvey can track down her location. On the way to her home, Jim runs into Penguin (and Firefly) who suspects Jim didn’t just let Nygma escape. Jim tries to dissuade him, but Oswald isn’t taking no for an answer, suspecting the organization known as The Court has him. Oswald gives Jim a phone and tells him to call once he knows exactly where Ed is being held.

At Kathryn’s home, Jim does some snooping and finds a drawer with a secret panel holding a Wayne Enterprises badge, which he pockets. When he’s nearly caught by her guards, Jim acts like he’s there to find out exactly what she has planned for Gotham. She reveals that to rid Gotham of its “sickness” the Court will be using the weaponized virus, and then realizes that the now missing Barnes is being held somewhere … that needs a Wayne Enterprises key card to access.

When Jim and Harvey get to the facility, it’s surprisingly devoid of guards or other personnel. Because everyone is dead thanks to the virus and a test subject who then attacks Jim and Harvey. But Strange is still on the premises and subdues the man with a sedative. Even though he’s saved their lives, Harvey is ready to cuff Strange but he has more to offer, insisting that if he is arrested Kathryn will know he’s given up secret information and will move faster with releasing the toxin. Good point. And he offers them a strain of the virus as a gesture of goodwill, and hopefully Lucius will be able to do something with it.


With Jim having delivered Nygma to the Court, Kathryn decides he is trustworthy and decides to let him witness the first test of the virus on a roomful of socialites and their children. There is one catch: if Jim tries to interfere, Kathryn’s assassin will kill him. What Kathryn didn’t anticipate when Jim’s phone and gun were taken was that he had another phone, the one Oswald gave him. Able to dial it without detection, Jim talks to the assassin in the hopes that Oswald will get enough information to find out where they are and how much time is left before the virus is unleashed.


Jim, however, isn’t sure that Penguin got the message or can get there on time so he takes matters into his own hand, engaging the assassin, and it doesn’t go well. But just as the assassin is going in for the kill, Penguin and Firefly arrive, she shoots a blast of flame to the assassin’s face which blasts him through the window above the room with the virus bomb. Jim runs down and gets everyone out just before the bomb goes off. Penguin is still unhappy that he doesn’t know of Ed’s whereabouts, but Jim assures him that after what just happened, the Court will be in touch soon enough. And he was right. Oswald is carted off by the Court, demanding to speak to the person in charge. He’s placed in a cell and comes face-to-face with his old friend Ed. Will a set of bars keep these two apart, or will their dire situation actually bring them together?

Meanwhile, Lee is still insisting Jim has something to do with his uncle’s death, and isn’t buying Harvey’s attempts to cover things up. While she continues to insist Jim is a murderer, Harvey and Lucius try to convince her that this is her own grief over Mario talking, and that Jim is trying to prevent what happened to him from happening to the entire city. This is actually the first time we’ve seen anyone tell Lee that Mario was infected with the Tetch virus, but she doesn’t buy it, or at least she doesn’t want to buy it. Jim goes to talk to her while she’s packing up her office to resign, and he finally — FINALLY — tells her that Mario had a knife and was about to kill her and that’s why he shot Mario. She’s still not convinced.

As for the two Bruces, well, the fake one better be looking over his shoulder. Thanks to Ivy’s special care with Selina, who’s been in a coma since that push from the window, she’s now awake and, just like Oswald did, remembers that she has someone to kill. The real Bruce still believes he’s being groomed to be Gotham’s savior by the shaman who insists the Court are really his pawns but … he’s also still in contact with Kathryn. So who is being played here, Bruce or Kathryn?

And where does Jim fit into things now that he’s broken Kathryn’s trust? As far as she is concerned, nowhere as she releases Barnes to act as Jim’s executioner.

What did you think of this episode? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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