Judgment comes to Gotham


So after a short three-week return after the holidays, Gotham goes out with a bang for its winter finale, focusing on two main storylines: Jerome’s return from the dead, and Edward’s vendetta against Oswald.

Jerome’s return featured some menacing humor as he talked to Lee about his plans, only to find that most of them were nulliifed during his time in the freezer. But there was one loose end that was still within his grasp: killing Bruce Wayne. And to put that plan into motion, he did was the recently departed Dwight promised — returned from the dead and spoke to his people, killing the power in Gotham, allowing not only his base but everyone in Gotham to run amok. Now everyone is Jerome.

With the GCPD occupied with the mayhem, Jerome was able to get into Wayne Manor, playfully tossing around the glass owl Bruce and Selina had retrieved from the Court of Owls vault (he still doesn’t know about the map that appears in just the right light). Unfortunately, Jerome also shattered the owl so it leaves us to wonder if Alfred will be able to Super Glue it back together.

Fearful that Jerome’s toady’s would kill Alfred, Bruce plays on Jerome’s emotions. Why go to all the trouble to kill Bruce in private when he really wants a spectacle? And a spectacle Jerome has with a carnival set up in some sort of massive warehouse, complete with the midway games with some of Gotham’s finest as the targets. One particularly grisly game was the dunk tank … filled with piranhas. You don’t want to get dunked. And Bruce found himself the target of Jerome’s cannon filled with not only a massive cannonball, but every sharp object imaginable.

Naturally, James Gordon, Harvey Bullock and the rest of the GCPD show up to shut things down, and Bruce manages to free himself in the nick of time, leading to a fabulously staged and shot sequence inside of a mirror maze, with multiple Jeromes trying to shoot multiple Bruces. But Bruce has the upper hand and all of that training with Alfred finally comes into play, to the point where he pummels Jerome’s recently reattached face out of kilter and nearly stabs him with a large shard of broken mirror. But Bruce restrains himself, and Gordon gets the pleasure of arresting Jerome … leaving the door wide open for his return. And that’s great news because Cameron Monaghan is just spectacular in the role, making Jerome his own but showing the obvious influences of Jack Nicholson’s Joker as well as the work done by Mark Hamill in the Batman cartoons.


One very important plot point came about as a result of the fight and Bruce’s reserve — this laid the foundation for him becoming The Batman as Alfred drilled into him Batman’s number one aspect of his character, “I will not kill.” But Bruce knows now with a personal threat like Jerome, who can also destroy his city, and the Court of Owls in operation, he has to put himself in a place to be Gotham’s protector.

The second storyline brought to a head the vendetta of Edward against Oswald. Attempting to kill Oswald with a barrel of acid hanging overhead while Oswald is tied to the hood of Isabella’s wrecked car, he does manage to get free — barely — and again confronts Edward, trying to prove to him that he truly loves Edward while Barbara and Tabitha are just using him to get with of Oswald with Edward not far behind so they can run Gotham’s underworld.

A final face-to-face by the river — and you know nothing good ever happens at the edge of the river — seems to be heading towards a peaceful, almost forgiving, resolution. But … it does not as Edward finally snaps, shooting Oswald in the abdomen and pushing him into the water, the final shot of a bleeding, panicked Oswald slowly sinking to the bottom.

But no one ever seems to stay dead when they fall into the Gotham River, so hopefully we’ll be seeing Oswald sooner rather than later. Remember, Professor Strange and Fish Mooney are still out there somewhere so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they will find Oswald and either save his life or resurrect him. From the preview for when the series returns in the spring, it looks like this event has finally pushed Edward into full-on Riddler mode, so it should be a very exciting finish to the season’s last eight episodes.


We are left with one little interesting tease. During the carnage in Gotham City while the power was out, we saw Katherine from the Court of Owls talking to a man about not losing control of the city (the Bruce doppelganger was also present). At the end of the episode, that man turned out to be James Gordon’s uncle. It looks like Gordon’s — and Bruce’s — life is about to get even more complicated (and will he ever be able to convince Lee that Mario was seconds away from stabbing her in the back when he was killed?).

What did you think of the winter finale? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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