We had a trifecta of stories on this week’s episode of Gotham



This week’s episode of Gotham packed quite a lot into its hour (or 43 minutes) with three major storylines. The title, “Executioner,” really tells us all we need to know about the Barnes storyline, although the conclusion proved us wrong in a way. The effects of Alice’s blood took full control of Barnes, especially after he executed the face transplanting doc in the last episode. Witnesses reported the man speaking to Gordon, briefly, before he died and Barnes suspected he revealed his killer’s name … which he did.

Gordon has noticed Barnes has been acting odd lately, and the fact that they were all present at Lee’s engagement party certainly put a spotlight on Barnes. Snooping around his office, Jim found the files pertaining to Alice and Jervis and rightly assumed Barnes had been infected by Alice’s blood. Nearly caught red-handed, Jim faked an excuse about looking for a different case file and Barnes invited him to accompany him on a collar of an informant, tellin him the address was 133rd and 6th.

Smelling something fishy, Jim called Harvey (on his flip phone!) and gave him the address. On the way, Barnes chided Jim for not questioning him as a suspect after the doctor’s death, so they played a game of Q & A — to which Barnes didn’t give the most honest answers, particularly to the one about killing the doctor — and then he drove past the location. Oh, small mistake, the address was 136th and 3rd. Barnes must have known Jim would contact Harvey so the misdirect worked perfectly.

At the new location, Barnes and Gordon found the snitch who proclaimed his innocence to the charges Barnes was leveling at him, but Barnes knew he was guilty of other crimes so … BOOM, right through the chest with a shotgun shell. And right in front of Jim, who then realized Barnes was planning to frame him for the murder if he didn’t join Barnes as Gotham’s judge, jury and executioner. By the way, the episode opened with a particularly grisly scene of Barnes lynching three criminals, giving the series probably one of its most shocking moments to date.

Realizing Jim would not join him, Barnes was interrupted before shooting him (to pin the murder on him) and Jim got away. He had enough time to call Harvey and give him the details, Harvey got Lee to issue a bulletin that Barnes had been infected so the cops wouldn’t kill Jim, and refusing to turn himself over to the GCPD, Jim had to shoot the man he looked up to before he was shot himself. But Jim shot to disarm Barnes, so despite my prediction that Barnes would be dead by the midseason finale, he’s ended up incarcerated at Arkham, fully infected now by the virus, screaming “GUILTY!” over and over again at the top of his lungs. Now, will Barnes remain at Arkham for life, or will some twist release him to the streets once again?



Other happenings this week:

  • Ivy showed up at Selina’s apartment, finally revealing herself, and Selina realized one of Fish’s mutated goons who could rapidly age a person got just enough of a hold on Ivy to age her by about ten years.
  • Ivy stole a valuable jewel at the top of the episode, and then found herself, Selina and Bruce being chased by masked men with crossbows, assuming they work for her victim. They don’t because the victim was found dead when they went to return the jewel, which wasn’t a jewel but a container for a mysterious key. But to what?
  • If the assassins didn’t work for Ivy’ theft victim, who could be their employer? My guess is they’re from the Court of Owls. But what does the key unlock?
  • In an episode that felt more like a dark, dour first season ep, there were some nicely humorour moments as Ivy pegged Bruce and Selina as a couple while Selina tried to deny it and Bruce was perplexed by the whole situation.
  • Poor Ed is grieving the loss of Isabella, who is indeed dead after her encounter with a train. Ed was told she fell asleep at the wheel on her way to her librarian’s convention, but he realized she had only been four blocks from her home. No one could fall asleep that quickly.
  • Ed paid a visit to the GCPD garage to do his own autopsy on the car and found what they had missed – the brake lines had been cut.
  • Wanting to cheer Ed up, Oswald had his portrait artist paint him into his new official portrait, which did touch Ed deeply, resulting in a hug that also made Oswald happy.
  • That happiness was short-lived when Ed revealed he knew the brake lines were cut. Oswald tried to act horrified and surprised, and panicked a bit when Ed angrily told him he knew someone with money and power did this, and that person could only be … Butch! Oswald happily agreed. One has to assume that at some point these two friends will eventually become enemies once the truth is revealed, possibly pushing Ed into full Riddler mode.

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