Girls has epiphanies and realizations on the surprising penultimate episode


Previously on Girls, Adam attempted to help Hannah raise her baby and they hooked up, Jessa spiraled out, and then it was back to the status quo.

This episode was called “Goodbye Tour,” which is another classic double meaning. Hannah connected strongly with the university lady, someone just as inappropriate as her. But the choice was a big one: Moving away from her friends and life and knowing she’d likely have to raise her child entirely alone. Or stay in NYC and possibly never get a better opportunity.

The job itself was stupid of course, teaching students about what the Internet “is really for” — whatever that means. But in the world of Girls/em>, that may be meaningful for what Hannah can contribute to the world. She immediately shows growth when acknowledging how rarely she’s listened to her mother’s advice yet still decides to “sleep on it.”

Thus begins the goodbye tour, but the only person Hannah can reach is her old BFF Elijah, who is once again consistently the funniest person on the show. When he brought up whether or not he’d move from the city to marry Hannah, she should be “sorely mistaken ma’am — probably.” That “probably” made the scene.

Hannah is in the position of trying to make a tough decision, although deep down she knows what she’s doing already. It’s only the results that solidify that choice. So each of her friends presents a different perspective. Her dad is supportive, while Marnie dodges her calls (with a typically amusingly pretentious voice message of “have a blessed day”). Jessa isn’t even contacted, and Shoshanna’s number seems to be disconnected.

Hannah does see mirroring all over, including the terrifying specter of crazy Caroline, Adam’s sister, reappearing and seeming relatively okay, albeit still a nutjob. There was another great little scene of silent flirting in the subway that ended with yet another “ma’am,” another mirror.


But the real scene was the engagement party, where Shosh drops some serious realizations on the group. By this point, she’s realized that they aren’t really helping each other by being around each other, instead making things so often about one person in particular. That’s something Shosh has realized herself, and yet, I feel cheated because I didn’t get to see her journey. I don’t know if Zosia Mamet was busy or this was just how they wanted to tell the story of this season, but I ain’t happy about it.

Everything about the party worked, which only exacerbated my annoyance at missing out other moments. After the blowup, Hannah and Jess were able to express honesty and sincere emotion to each other, perhaps leading to a repair of their relationship. Otherwise, they all dance to the song “Crowded Places” by Banks, a song written for the show.

Even Elijah gets his little triumph of getting a part in the silly musical, so what’s next for these people? Shosh is some sort of businesswoman entrepreneur and engaged, Marnie is divorced and living at home, Jessa is (probably) back living with Adam, and Hannah is off to become a teacher. It’s not all pat or simple, but that’s okay. That’s life.

Next time is the series finale, and I have to admit I’m wondering: Will they manage to pull it off? I’m optimistic.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments below!

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