Girls :: Can bad relationships be fixed?


Previously on Girls: Hannah wants to keep her baby, Ray tries to break up, Jessa doesn’t get it, and Elijah is a jerk.

So this episode is called “Full Disclosure,” which is a classic sort of double meaning phrase. We see some of this sort of openness and cruelty disguised as openness all the time in the show, and this episode is no different.

The episode gives us clear confirmation that Marnie is in a weird, bad place. Ray has officially dumped her, despite her thinking that “he was the one who she was too good for” — oddly enough, that is exactly why he dumped her. She never really respected what he wanted. Her little back and forth scene with Hannah was kind of endearing, with her initial support and then quick retreat when she learned Hannah didn’t want to tell the father about the baby.

But what neither she nor Hannah may have realized is that this mirrors Marnie’s own situation: she was raised mostly by her mother, who is terrible. Subconscious bias. And not something I picked up the first time watching. Marnie is also stuck in a contract with ridiculous Desi, who is spiraling out of control more than ever, yet his puppy dog nonsense is something that clearly makes him the hero of his own story.

Conversely, Marnie’s mother desperately wants to be famous and edgy, making jokes about bribing people with sex, and delighted that she’ll get a chance to sing with her “sister.” Yet she can’t help but riff stupidly on stage, making everyone look bad and unprofessional. Marnie is in an odd place here, with a lot of pressure and also a lot of unsupportive people around. And she keeps pushing away the friends who are more loyal.


Hannah’s story here was interesting, and it was nice to see Elijah attempt his version of an apology. He and Hannah are far better as friends than otherwise, despite their mutual enabling of bad behavior. As always, he’s hilarious if uncomfortable. Another good dig was Hannah’s referencing of Adam’s “stalking” as three years old. These scenes are certainly intriguing, but really, it’s all slow burn here.

The big set pieces were Marnie’s mother crashing and burning and the final bits of Hannah watching Adam’s movie. Remembering perhaps. Fondly or not, it’s hard to be sure. We didn’t see anything from Ray or Shosh this episode, and I’m still hoping for something more there. Overall, a decent if not great episode, but the season still has a chance to get to those old heights again.

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