Fuller House :: DJ Tanner-Fuller, don’t be such a selfish bitch


I remember being pleasantly surprised by Season 2 of Fuller House, so I had no idea what to expect with the first half of Season 3 now streaming on Netflix. It’s shaping up to be a season full of revelations – major spoilers ahead! Stephanie still has Mr. Bear (and he’s as adorable as ever), everybody wants to live in the Tanner house even when they move out (looking at you, Fernando and Jimmy Gibbler), the Gibbler house was every bit as wacky as you’ve ever imagined on the inside (no wonder Kimmy was always escaping to the Tanners’), Stephanie still has a few viable eggs (meaning she could try to have a baby with a surrogate but will she allow Jimmy to be the father?), Jesse is getting too old to pull off fatherhood as seamlessly as he once did and DJ Tanner-Fuller is kind of a selfish bitch. I’ll let you let that sink in because it pained me a little to say it, but it’s honestly how I feel.

All through Season 1, I’ll admit I wanted DJ and her high school sweetheart Steve to get back together. I’m all about fairy tales and happy endings. However, DJ chose hunky veterinarian Matt as her new beau when she decided she was ready to plunge back into the world of dating. She couldn’t expect Steve to be happy on the sidelines forever. And once Steve found a perfectly nice woman who was willing to love him back, DJ should have been happy for Steve and CJ. After all, CJ and Steve are entitled to their happiness, just as DJ was entitled to her happiness when she married her kids’ father and when she first opened herself up to giving love a second chance with Matt.

Under the ruse of best friendship, Steve and DJ have remained pretty close all these years. They have their inside jokes, secret handshakes and “Summer Lovin'” karaoke duos. I’ve been in CJ’s shoes more times than I’d care to count. Every time Steve texts DJ an inside joke or needs to talk out his problems with her instead of CJ (when more than likely those problems directly affect CJ and their future together), how do you think it makes CJ feel? CJ hasn’t done anything wrong. From what I can tell, she’s been very doting upon Steve and they seem like a good pairing. Steve must be smitten with her or he wouldn’t have felt compelled to propose to her. Right?

And yet, there are all of those little actions on Steve’s part that make it seem like he’s still carrying a torch for DJ no matter what CJ does … he bought her a Pillow Person for her birthday because he remembered the one she used to have in high school or the neck pillow he bought her because he knows she gets uncomfortable on planes. He should be looking out for CJ’s needs now. After all, he’s promised to love and cherish CJ for better or for worse. DJ can take care of herself – she’s an independent woman over 40 and she has the largest loving family in the history of loving families and even Matt now to help her out. I promise she’ll be fine. She obviously didn’t need Steve all those years when he was married to someone and she was married to someone else. The truth is, I doubt she ever gave him a single thought then. Happy, secure people don’t question the past and the ones who got away.


So, why is DJ still debating whether or not she’s happy with Matt after two seasons of dating him? If she’s having her doubts, maybe he’s not the right one for her. But that doesn’t automatically mean Steve’s her soul mate by default. If it was meant to be, she would’ve chosen him. She wouldn’t have broken up with him in high school. She wouldn’t have married someone else and had three children with him. She wouldn’t have chosen Matt. Deep down I think DJ knows she isn’t meant to be with Steve. However, she’s an insecure person who’s selfishly clinging to the past because she’s either afraid of being alone or maybe she’s afraid of moving forward with the new guy and making herself vulnerable again. She needs to let Steve go, for Steve’s sake and for her own. I’m not saying Steve and DJ shouldn’t be friends. But out of respect for CJ and Matt, they need to put some distance on it so they don’t have to feel as awkward and out of the loop because of their history together.

It was semi-inappropriate for Steve to have texted DJ to meet him at the bridal shop because he was having a tie crisis. But it was even more inappropriate for DJ to have put on CJ’s wedding gown and to tempt Steve like that. When CJ showed up and realized there was DJ standing there in her wedding dress that she didn’t want Steve to see before the ceremony, let’s just say I’m more with the saleslady who said she would’ve killed her. I would not have been all sweet and forgiving and willing to go pick out another dress when my heart was already set on that one. (Trust me, I’m going to be a bride next year and I know this from experience now, as I’m already emotionally vested in my dress.)

It’s true there are other story arcs during the first half of this season of Fuller House, but the way it cliffhangs with the gang en route to Steve and CJ’s destination wedding in Japan, you won’t remember any of them. You’re going to be wondering, as I am, whether or not Steve goes through with his wedding after hearing DJ admit she thinks he’s her soul mate on the plane. You’re going to be wondering how this will affect Matt who has just shown Stephanie the ring he plans to propose to DJ with once they arrive in Japan. You’re going to be wondering the fate of CJ, who has spent the past six months happily preparing for her big wedding day or her stepfather in Japan who has graciously offered to pay for their destination wedding. Don’t be such a selfish bitch, DJ. You have Matt and that is the choice that you have made for yourself. Stick with it. You give love a bad name.



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