Fear The Walking Dead’s season three premiere rocked


The season 3 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead gave us two episodes for the price of one because there actually were two episodes aired. And neither of them disappointed in the least.

Now … I’m not going to insult your intelligence by giving you a play by play of either chapter. You saw them, right? You were awake throughout, correct? You’re not that forgetful, are you? Good. Then I’m reasonably confident you’re able to retain the better part of what you witnessed while you were eating your cheese balls and quaffing your refreshing beverage while slumped on your couch as things unfolded.

I only want to point out a couple things anyway. A few items you might not have thought of while watching but, now that they’re firmly ingrained in your brain, maybe you’ll appreciate all the more.

The first is the running theme through “Eye Of The Beholder” (episode 1) and “The New Frontier” (episode 2). That theme? “Trust.”

There was a lot of it slung around in the two hours. Trust was offered. Trust was tossed off. It was rebuked, it was taken (sometimes with a grain of salt) and stomped on for one reason or another and it was sneered at. It was considered. And it was falsified and lied about. Think about it: Character after character came up against or proffered some sort of trust from the very start right up ’til the final scene.

And, if you ponder the ramifications of all that doled out trust, you might just have a better appreciation for how much these episodes rocked the socks off anyone who watched them. They did mine. Both hours were terrific, complete with some nifty surprises. (No major spoilers here in the event you haven’t seen them yet.)

Don’t believe trust was major theme? Then go back and watch them again with it in mind and you’ll see what I mean.

The bottom line is both episodes were delicious in their savor, packed with intrigue, action and several jaw-dropping moments to make them nifty starts to this season of Fear The Walking Dead.



Otto: Remember we saw him toward the end of the season last year (“Wrath” season 2, episode 14) when he snagged Ofelia as she crossed back into the U.S.? Did you get the sense he was of a very different demeanor when we were first introduced to him, far and away an entirely different character than what was displayed in “The New Frontier”? I’m not complaining … just an observation.

Strand: Is the self-serving, several-moves-ahead Strand of old back in the saddle again? Hopping into that sports car full of vim and vigor, it certainly seems like it.

Utensils: Not a knife, not a fork … but A SPOON. That’s something you don’t see every day. In fact, that’s something you probably haven’t ever seen. Am I right?

The Character Who Will Not Be Mentioned: I wonder … did anyone really like that character? Ask yourself that question. You might be surprised …

Tell us what you thought of the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead in the comments below.


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  1. I think Troy has a strange fascination for Madison.I’m not sure what that is all about exactly, but I get the feeling that he wants to keep her almost like a pet…. or a living test subject.. minus the character that you didn’t want to mention, of course. It makes me wonder if he didn’t find a moment to shoot at the chopper. It must be a glorious time for psychopaths.