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Check In At The Hotel

Given the situations of Fear The Walking Dead? I’d like to think I’d do fair to middlin’ on the survival scale. (Though, to be fair, if you take “middlin” in stride, you’re only at a 50% success level give or take. Try living a 50% success rate and let me know how that works for you.)

So, right away, I’m upping that score and giving myself a well above average chance.

Because I’ve been through The Walking Dead and back several times. I’ve discussed it thoroughly with friends and fans and acquaintances alike. I’m forever caught up on Fear The Walking Dead not to mention a hefty history of viewing various apocalyptic films. (Plus I dabbled in those undead university courses offered by University of California, Irvine back in 2013.) Thrown into a situation with living corpses stumbling about, I’m confident I’d do all right, complete with a proud accomplishment story. Not to mention, you know, the continued survival of me. And that’s what it’s really all about, right?

But here’s what I wouldn’t do: Make my way into a seemingly vacant hotel, belly up to the bar and begin partying because after months of constant survival, dammit, I deserve a break today.

Silly Madison. Silly Victor.



I’m not saying getting comfortable within – or at least checking out – that hotel wasn’t a good idea. Happening on it and deciding to explore what it might have to offer is an excellent idea. Supplies, bedding, toiletries, comestibles … there’s a good chance tons of things might be scavenged from the place. But you don’t go in there willy nilly and begin ringing bells and causing commotions, attracting attention to yourself.

Pull back. Be stealthy. Wary. Prudent.

Wisen up, for Pete’s sake.

Look: I know the last few months have been rough and you just fled from one of the best defensible strongholds you could find. (Too bad it was populated by a bunch of old world practicing yahoos with a firm grasp on sideways thinking. But those are the breaks.) The place was safe, sensible, organized and pleasant. Too bad one of your own was its downfall but, again, sometimes that’s the way the cards fall. And when they do, you’re on the run once more, out and about quickly, looking for the next best thing.

When you find that next best thing, you don’t let your guard down. It’s not party time, complete with an open bar and a carefree attitude. Kicking back (not to mention throwing them back) out in the open then tossing caution to the wind by releasing pent up frustrations you’ve been carrying around in the form of drunkenly chucking shot glasses at a wall is just plain stupid. (But we have the tendency to do dumb things when alcohol gets added to the mix. It’s a yin and yang kind of thing.)

The result? Maddie and Victor find themselves surrounded by the undead who have discovered the duo’s dumbass actions have tipped the scales in their favor. Suddenly it’s Lunchtime!

Ofelia and Alicia are a bit more savvy and crafty, proving that just because you’re older doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wiser.

Still, what happened to Ofelia during Alicia’s shower time? Afterward while Alicia was wandering ’round the hotel room looking for her, my first thought was Ofelia committed suicide. Her discussion with Alicia was leaning that way, so it certainly made for a logical conclusion. Even more so when you’re reminded of the fact she left her father behind at the winery. For all she knows he’s dead. Tired, spent and forsaken of both parents, it made a kind of sense to me she could have offed herself in a call for help. And that first solitary undead falling out of the sky behind Alicia was a glaring foreboding.

In conclusion, we have a couple unresolved situations at the resort yet to be determined.



Big-balled Nick

Nick’s story continues from last week at the make-shift community he finds himself at. Healed and whole again for the most part, he not only witnesses a rather horrific “ceremony” at the place where one man gives his life to the undead in supplication (apparently because he’s well on his way to checking out of “life” we’re led to believe) but Nick’s recruited by Luciana for a supply run.

Cutting to the chase, the thing I found interesting about the segment was that Nick had the cojones to call out the not-so-obvious to the “proprietor” of the market about cutting a deal if said merchant wanted to continue receiving medication for his ailing sister. That was a big gamble on Nick’s part … especially when it wasn’t his call to bet on. But it turned out all right in the end; Nick and Luciana returned to the community with twice the water they set out for than originally planned. (Along with a bonus package of galletas for the little girl whose father was lost in the aforementioned ceremony.)



The interesting thing about that entire situation was Nick’s continuing evolution, particularly his thought process. I don’t know if his drug addiction has made him “bullet proof” (as claimed by Strand) or it’s his obsessive behavior that makes him do the things he does. I’m of the mind it’s a little bit of both. And that’s what’s made Nick into the compelling character he is to date.

My overall attitude toward this chapter of the show (titled “Los Muertos”) was positive.

But … where for art thou, Daniel, Travis and Chris?

We don’t know the fates and stories of these three yet but we’ll find out soon enough. (Perhaps next Sunday?)

What did you think of this episode? Start a conversation in the comments section below!

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