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When last we left Fear The Walking Dead (“Blood In The Streets”), the Abigail had been taken over by pirates, the pirate leader, Conner, boarded and took Alicia and Travis to “his place,” Madison ran off in the raft to rescue Strand who abandoned ship when the pirates came aboard, Reed (Conner’s brother) got a nice pike-like projectile added to whatever contents his stomach held and a couple of Conner’s people got taken out by new member Carlos, who displayed some impressive sharpshooting skills while bobbing around in a raft in the middle of the ocean. An action-packed episode to be sure.

“Captive” picks up right where we left off. The hour took some nice twists and ended rather happy-go-lucky. And that? Was one of my big problems with it.



Let me get my gripe out of the way: I trust The FTWD Powers That Be to curb their use of this kind of episode. The last thing I want to see on the show is everyone safe and sound and hunky dory. Those lost to capture recovered (Alicia and Travis) and ready to re-board the Abigail for the happy little jaunt down south to Mexico, none the worse for wear? It’s a little too convenient. The story tidied up those loose ends rather neatly. The only thing missing was a big red bow on top. The bad guys? Conner, his brother Reed? They exited with all the lackluster of an unpolished penny.



Yeah … Reed got what was coming to him; the dude was a first-rate asshat. In the process, Chris “made his bones” at Reed’s expense. I get that. But I wanted more out of Connor. I wanted story and history and deviousness to peek out of his calm demeanor. Instead, the pirate vibe he and his crew came blustering in with completely lost its wind. Gone. Vamoose. Did that sit well with you? Because it didn’t with me.

But walkers have a way of exacting finality to a situation, you know. They don’t fool around. Turn, chomp, finished. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. *sigh* Oh well. So long, Connor.

That gripe out of the way, the episode did leave some interesting questions going forward …



Alex: With Connor having packed his bags, where does that leave Alex? Her role in the grand scheme of things is now moot with Connor out of the picture. Or is it? Does she pick up the pieces he left behind? Her revelation to Travis while he was incarcerated was a nice little surprise. Though I don’t think she was justified in blaming him for her being banished to the life raft. (That does justify her continued piss offedness, however.) Wanting a taste of revenge, I can see her taking over Connor’s role handily. Remember: There are still a couple of raiders left and they could easily track the Abigail. (Jack, after all, knows the boat’s signature.) Additionally, all through the FTWD “Flight 462” mini-series, Alex was one big grump; she knows how to hold a grudge. So who knows? Maybe she does go on a chase. The fact she’s schedule in 12 episodes this season means we’ll continue to see her. But in what capacity?

Daniel: Your guess is as good as mine regarding the voices Daniel heard while readying Reed for his reacquaintance with his brother. What was all that about? Who was speaking? Freaky stuff.

Carlos and Strand: They have a destination south of the border planned. But, as Carlos mentioned, there’s room for only two. How’s that going to work out?

“Captive” didn’t work the *umph* of the few episodes before it into the overall story. But, outside that way-too-convenient Travis/Alicia escape, it didn’t slow it down either. The show continues to kick ass.

What did you think of this episode? Start a conversation in the comments section below!


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