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Okay folks.

Time to stop your whining. And you know exactly what I’m talking about: What you didn’t get during the season finale of The Walking Dead.

You’re disappointed, I get it. But you’re not going to boycott the show. You’re not going to riot in the streets. (Face it: You would have done so last week if you were at all serious about it.) Threatening demand letter to The Powers That Be insisting the identity of the person who received the business end of Lucille or else? Give me a break.

There’s nothing you can do about it. Get over it.

You have a new distraction, people. Something to ease your pain and help you cool your jets. Fear The Walking Dead.

Tune in and all of a sudden you’re cognizant again, an upstanding citizen once more instead of … well, whatever it was you turned into courtesy of the non-reveal of AMC’s foundation cornerstone season 6 capper. (And really … you don’t have a choice.)

When last we left Fear The Walking Dead, Travis had just shot his ex-wife Liza, preventing her from the inevitable ravages of infection.



As the season opener begins, the group is loading up to board “Abigail,” Victor Strand’s yacht, sanctuary from the obvious devastation taking place in L.A.

Everyone is grappling with facts. Civilization is collapsing. People are not only in danger but are dangerous. The best place to be, it seems, is where the group is currently headed – out to the open ocean, destination south toward San Diego. “The whole world is ‘I don’t know’ right now,” Strand says to Nick. But for the moment they’re safe.



The season 2 opener seemed a bit lackluster to me in. But that’s all right. It worked its way into building on what’s come before and set up a few scenarios along the way:

  • The walkers, it appears, are not only mobile but just as savage (albeit somewhat slower) when they’re underwater.
  • Alicia is being a bit of an airhead. Leave well enough alone and don’t be talking to strangers over the radio. You never know; it could very well be that overturned boat from which the bathing walkers emerged was from the dude she was jabbering with over the radio. (Again, it’s a dangerous world out there.)
  • Salazar, wary of everything and just about everyone, is wise beyond his years. I do like the guy. Best to be on the questioning side of things and keep your wits about you …
  • As does Strand. I’ve said it before: The guy’s cryptic and gives some sort of underlying vibe. What that vibe is, though, has yet to be determined.
  • There’s a nice tension playing off Travis and Madison I really like, too. Both their “do good” mannerisms don’t quite mesh. Makes for some nice give and take.
  • Chris’ conflicted feelings about his mother’s death at his father’s hand are completely understandable. He keeps fooling around though and he’s going to meet the same fate.
  • Nick? He’s just this side of gutternuts as usual, just the way I like him.

With all this going on, and with The Walking Dead behind us until October, why not embrace the here and now and quit trying to initiate a heart attack over something you have no control over?

After all … there are 14 more episodes of FTWD to debut for your dining and dancing pleasure …

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