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A new week brings a new challenge for the Face Off artists, and while they are still grouped into teams, this week’s challenge was more of an individual task that still required some teamwork. The question is are all of the artists still on board with working as a team, or is it every man, or woman, for themselves at this point.

This week’s challenge required teams to use custom made horns, courtesy of judge Neville Page, and create a demon that might be found in one of Dante’s nine circles of Hell, which worked out nicely since there are now nine artists left in the competition, five remain in Ethereal Effects and four are keeping Twisted Six alive. And while they are still within their “shops,” this time each member of the team had to create their own demon using the horns and the level of Hell they selected as inspiration. So while this was an individual challenge, there still needed to be cohesion within the shops. Ethereal Effects chose to make their demons almost like robed priests or monks while Twisted Six found three of their four demons were associated with an element, so they went with the elements for all of their demons.


For a challenge that required the use of horns, it was a little surprising that KC did not step up to be the shop foreman this week since all she’s done this season is brag about how she’s the expert at attaching horns to a makeup. Instead, former Etheral team member Joseph stepped up to the plate which in hindsight was probably better so KC could actually focus on making the horn rigs for the rest of her team members. And then for some reason she also shared her knowledge with the people of Ethereal Effects. Yeah, it’s great to be helpful and all but this is a competition, your team has lost EVERY challenge thus far, so why would you freely give the rivals some vital information like that???

Unfortunately for Twisted Six, they still had a “problem child” among them in the form of Jill. Jill has been a weak player all season, and in the last challenge she went completely rogue, refusing to cooperate with her shop foreman Nick who infamously took it upon himself to re-do her sculpt without her permission. This treasonous act set off judge Glenn Hetrick and sent Nick home, but he really should have defended himself more and not fallen on the sword for Jill. She really was the reason he went home. She wouldn’t take a single suggestion from him and in an effort to make all of the makeups gel, he did something out of frustration that he probably would have never done in a real life situation. Yeah, it was a bad move but Jill’s behavior was worse, in my book.


And this week, again, Jill was Twisted Six’s problem, completely lost in her design process and not listening to KC on how to construct her sculpt to make the horns work by building up the area where the horns were to be inserted. Once she got her completed makeup ready to paint and apply the horns, they didn’t sit right and kept falling downwards. And this challenge was meant to make the horns the focus. She had to turn them in the opposite direction and wrap them in fur to keep them from falling over. And then, using a frozen element for her demon, completely overshadowed the horns with large frozen crystals bursting from the top of the demon’s skull. To make matters even worse, her demon’s eyes were supposed to be frozen by icy tears so where did she apply the tears? Coming from the EYEBROWS! Which prompted Ve Neill to quip to her fellow judges, “You don’t cry from your eyebrows?” It really was a disaster.


Young hot shot Phil didn’t fare much better with his silly looking, poorly painted bull that was supposed to represent violence, but for some reason had a mass of twigs protruding from the back of the skull. It was a confusing concept to the judges and sent him to the bottom with Jill. Spoiler alert: Twisted Six did not win this challenge either because the judges weren’t particularly impressed with any of the designs.


Over at Ethereal, superstar Andrew won raves yet again with his demon whose horns looked like cooled lava. The judges proclaimed his makeup had the best paint job of any this week and they loved how he brought the coloration from the horns down into the makeup, making the whole thing feel very organic. Glenn loved the little underbite the demon had as well, and the only negative feedback was that it was a little too spot on, a little too expected. But he delivered on the challenge.


The judges also loved Kierstin’s gluttony demon because she went in the opposite direction of expected, giving her creation a gaping maw to represent the demon’s constant hunger. She also scored points for a terrifically unexpected blue paint job which finally handed her a win this week. Ethereal is now four for four.


For the bottom two, Phil and Jill, it was obvious who deserved to go. The judges have had praise for Phil’s past work so they know he has talent, he just got lost in too many concepts this week. Perhaps they recognized that Jill has been under-performing all season and her mess of a demon this week is what finally sent her home. But with only three left on Twisted Six, will the show move someone else over from Ethereal to even them out again, or will the shop concept go out the window truly making it every artist for themself? Stay tuned!

What did you think this week’s episode? Was Jill long overdue for an elimination? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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