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Twelve episodes in and I’m still enjoying Dynasty but they really need to move the plot along. We’ve spent pretty much the last eleven episodes with yet another secret of Cristal’s being revealed with her telling Blake, “I should have told you everything” by the end of the episode. And each week we’d be left wondering just how many more secrets she had left in her. It seems like we’ve finally crossed that bridge but now we’re moving into Blake’s secrets territory. And why is it that it’s always someone on the outside who knows more about the Carringtons than any of the Carringtons do? Aye yi yi!

This week an old friend (flame?) of Cristal’s turned up, a reporter who was about to publish an exposé on a former judge who is now running for senator. Said candidate, Paul Daniels, has a checkered history of accepting bribes and guess who one of the people was who bribed the judge in the past? Yes, of course it was Blake. But the reporter, Rick Morales, at least had the decency to reveal this news to Cristal before publishing the article (and it’s a huge article that could further his career).

There’s another problem though — Blake is hosting a fundraiser for Daniels at the mansion that night and Cristal is having a tough time reconciling Blake’s ‘it was for a good cause’ (trying to keep Alexis from leaving the country with their children) with the fact that if the news comes it, Blake could go to jail. And besides being on the take, Daniels is a racist scumbag as well, assuming Cristal is from Mexico and that Sammy Joe is a waiter.

Meeting Daniel’ wife Melissa (guest Kelly Rutherford) isn’t exactly a treat either, but Cristal begins to feel sorry for her when Daniels blatantly chats up another woman at the fundraiser … who Melissa identifies as his mistress. And not only that, but the vacations she and her husband once took to Bora Bora are now enjoyed by her husband and the tramp. And, by the way, did we mention that the vacations were paid for by … Blake? So his ‘one-time’ bribe to Daniels has actually been a retainer and while Cristal is furious, she still can’t allow the bribery story to hit the press. But she has a better idea, and fills in her friend on Daniels’ philandering ways, giving him what ultimately turns out to be a bigger story that ends Daniels’ political aspirations (imagine that … a racist, cheating politician actually being forced out of politics!).

Meanwhile, Steven is struggling with his attempts to get a job and he finally lands one … with someone who happens to be a close friend of Blake’s. Steven wonders if Blake had a hand in the offer, but he assures him he did not, it was all because of the Carrington name. But after talking to both Sam and Fallon, he decides this job is not what he really wants and that perhaps staying with the family business is where he belongs after all. And in the end, Sam proved his worth to Fallon by knowing what kind of spoons one serves caviar with, so she hired him as her assistant.


Fallon, though, is still trying to figure out what’s happening with her new company. Jeff still hasn’t given her an answer on selling his shares to her or buying her out but he has convinced his sister to make friends with her again so he can continue working on his plan to take everything away from the Carringtons. He did, however, forget to mention to Monica that Blake was the person responsible for their father going to jail, so while she doesn’t want to hold that news against Fallon, she does agree to make friends with her but to spite Jeff, not help him.

Prior to the Vegas-style fundraiser, Fallon was to meet with a client to discuss the contract renewal for her wind turbines but she instead insulted the man she assumed was just a perv. Hoping to win him over, she finds him at the poker table and makes him an offer that if she wins, she gets the contract for one dollar a year. He counters that if he wins, he gets a night with her. Ew. She ups his offer and they agree on the bet, but Monica was a witness to what was going down. Catching a glimpse of his cards and seeing that Fallon had nothing, she said something to Fallon that was obviously code to let her know what cards the guy was holding, and Fallon upped the offer even more, bluffing the guy into folding even though he would have won. But in the end, Fallon got the contract at the original price and Monica proved she was still angry with Jeff, slapping him in the face in front of the assembled crowd.

But … it was all a ruse, an act to make everyone think they had had a falling out. Thinking about all those years without her father because of the Carringtons finally got her on Jeff’s side so not only was the slap a fake out but so is her newly rekindled friendship with Fallon.

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