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When last we saw the Carrington clan on Dynasty, Christmas was anything but merry as Cristal’s sister turned up and blew up everything Cristal had been working for, forcing her to reveal to Sammy Joe that she had murdered his father defending his mother. Of course, all the drama was such more fodder for Fallon and the newest revelations — and it seems every week Cristal says, “I should have told you everything” — have driven a wedge between Blake and his new wife. And things got even more troublesome when it turned out Cristal’s brother-in-law wasn’t dead, but right there in Atlanta ready to “do business” with Carrington Atlantic.

And to complicate matters even further, Cristal’s sister Iris is in on the plan to blackmail Blake Carrington and take Sammy Joe with them to rebuild the family … even though Alejandro was a terrible husband and father. Cristal finds herself between a rock and hard place as her sister and Alejandro give her a choice: work with them to bilk Carrington, or refuse and watch Blake go to jail while she loses everything. It seems she has no choice but to protect her husband, or is she just looking out for herself?

While all this drama is going on, Fallon is prepping her gold themed 25th birthday party. She’s now at the age where she has control over her trust fund, and she is going all out with the party, possibly the purchase of a remote island, and yacht to get to the island and a helicopter to get to the yacht. Yeah, she’s subtle. Jeff, on the other hand, tries to convince her that she needs to sink her money into Morrell Corp, showing others that she is invested in her own company. Jeff also has some other news for Fallon — her father is about to enter into a deal with the Venezuelan mob. And of course she had to run right back to daddy with the news in the hope of further sinking his relationship with Cristal.


Sammy Joe got the shock of his life when he unexpectedly met his father (who hilariously believes they look exactly alike … umm, no) and decided that it was time to be a family again. But first, dear old dad had some business to conduct with Blake, who suggested they finish the paperwork at Fallon’s party and then raise a glass to celebrate.

At the party, Cristal was surprised to run in to Iris and wanted security to escort her out, but Fallon jumped in and welcomed the woman who could tell her so many more juicy stories about her new stepmother. Cristal went to meet with Blake and Alejandro, but they were both surprise to learn that Blake had gotten wind of Alejandro’s scheme and was refusing to sign the papers. A scuffle ensued that found Cristal being pushed to the floor (after Blake made a comment about her being a whore but not getting his money’s worth … ouch) but Sammy Joe broke things up before it escalated any further. But in the end, Blake told him and Cristal they were no longer welcome in the house.


But … Alejandro and Iris found themselves being played. Cristal had already informed Blake of what was happening before his first meeting with Alejandro. When Fallon found out from Jeff about the deal, Blake already knew and roped her into the plan to flip the script, and Sam was in on it too. Thanks to Sam lifting his father’s cell phone, they were able to get Blake’s lawyer freed from Alejandro’s men and everyone was being put on a plane back to Venezuela. The successful plan helped begin patching things up between Blake and Cristal, and even though they worked well together, Fallon said this didn’t change anything in their relationship, and then told Cristal Cher’s female impersonator called and wanted her dress back. Zing!

And where was Steven during all of this? He was supposed to go to rehab after Blake had Ted Dinard arrested and then Steven bailed him out, but Ted was not returning Steven’s calls. And while Anders suggested rehan would be his best path forward, he decided that wasn’t really what he needed. With his funds frozen, Steven took a bunch of his watches and with the help of Sam pawned one for $20,000. Sam feared he’d blow it on more drugs, but what Steven actually did was use the money to finally buy him the peace of mind he needed by giving it to the widow of the man whose death he was responsible for that Blake had covered up. But Steven still fills that he needs to find himself and he’s planning to go … somewhere, leaving Fallon with a lighter he bought at the pawn shop that reminded him of the one their mother used to have.

As Fallon drove off in her new car, courtesy of Jeff, the episode ends with Jeff on the phone with his father in prison. Jeff was supposed to let the whole Venezuelan deal play out but he decided a change of plans was in order. Now he’s getting Fallon to put almost all of her money into their new company, and Jeff is going to use that and Fallon to completely take over Carrington Atlantic by marrying Fallon. Good luck with that, Jeff.

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