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There’s a lot of fence mending among the Carringtons this week with Cristal feeling guilty about (a)her affair with Matthew, (b)Matthew’s death and (c)Blake nearly killing Matthew’s wife. Fallon finds herself on the outs with her father, her brother, her sex toy Michael Culhane, some tech nerds, and possibly Jeff Colby. But first, it looks like Steven is more interested in taking a wrecking ball to any fences he’s mended with Blake.

Now that Steven is running the Carrington charitable foundation (and not a single mention about Ted Dinard), he is looking at the more liberal charities to help fund while dear old Blake is rooted in his conservatism, sarcastically taking a swing at Obamacare to “bleeding heart liberals.” So Blake decides the only way to convince Steven that conservatives can do good things to is to show him. Down to a boxing facility they go, one that helps children, particularly those who have been bullied, how to defend themselves. Steven is impressed by a young girl, and even comes back to see her compete in a boxing match, and finds out that the foundation has donated a million dollars to the place. Except that’s not what the administrator of the facility tells Steven (and did anyone else think those two were going to hook up?). Steven spies a photo on the wall of the police detective who helped get Matthew’s phone back and learns that it was he who got Blake involved in this facility, but they’ve only gotten $250,000, raising Steven’s suspicions that perhaps Chief Stansfield is skimming money from the foundation.


Cristal is trying to make good with Claudia by offering to let her stay at the manor while she recuperates. Surprised that she’s not taking any pain medication, Claudia says she can’t … because she’s pregnant. Oh boy. Cristal still insists that because of Claudia’s mental condition, she cannot be alone and Blake thinks it’s a terrible idea, plus he doesn’t think Cristal can manage babysitting Claudia and taking on the demands of her new job. She insists that as “a modern woman” she can handle it. And then she leaves Claudia in the care of Sammy Joe, for a price. She gives him her credit card and tells him not to go crazy as he needs a suit for an interview. But he goes all out to entertain Claudia, telling her she deserves it after what the Carringtons have put her through (and somehow he managed to max out an unmaxable credit card).

Sam and Claudia really hit it off, and it seemed for a moment that they were going to switch up the original series plot where Steven entered into a relationship with Claudia to find himself, but after living it up in Cristal’s closet — and being caught by Blake, who told Claudia to keep the fur she was wearing because she looked pretty — I think that Sammy Joe is just going to be Claudia’s GBF. Later Blake sees Cristal lounging in the large tub in their bedroom so he climbs in and surprise, it’s Claudia, totally spaced out from her meds (which she almost killed the dog with when she dropped them earlier). Of course Cristal walks in and then decides that maybe Blake was right about having Claudia there, but now he’s changed his mind. They eventually come to an agreement that she needs to be in a facility where she can get 24/7 care but … the vet calls about those pills pumped out of the dog’s stomach. They don’t match the prescription. Was it an accident or is someone trying to really mess with Claudia’s brain? Looks like Cristal and Sammy Joe are on the case!


As for Fallon, Blake has tossed her out and Steven said she’s wrecking their relationship as well, and Jeff is about to toss her out because all she’s doing for their business is pissing people off and costin him money. But she tells him that she’s planned a big launch party to get all the energy bigwigs under one roof — his — to truly launch Morrell Corp. And she came up with that plan in the two seconds that she thought he was tossing her out too. But going over the guest list with his sister Monica, Fallon was told that she had none of Jeff’s contacts on the invite list and she’d do good to add them, including a pair of tech nerds she’s already pissed off who have a new battery Morrell Corp. needs.

The party comes together beautifully, that is until Fallon’s nemesis Kori Rucks shows up with Michael. She thinks Kori is trying to rub their relationship in her face, particularly when Kori tells her that Michael is taking her to Miami, and when Fallon sees him go to the bathroom, she follows him in and gets very inappropriate, trying to grab his junk, and rebuffed throw the Miami trip at him. He tells her that if she’s ever told Blake that he was her boyfriend, she might be going to Miami instead of Kori. Hurt, she leaves and catches Kori’s eye, and then wipes her mouth. And then Michael comes out. Of course Kori assumed the worst after Fallon’s gross display, but Michael convinced her that it was all an act to piss her off. The Miami trip is still on!

But as the night wore on, Fallon got more and more drunk but was advised to talk to the tech nerds so they could acquire that battery. Reluctantly she does and manages to insult them again, picking on everything from their looks to their lack of promotion, but telling them exactly what working with her could do for them. Jeff ushers her away quickly and manages to get her into bed, with a passionate kiss no less, and the next morning she regrets losing that deal again. Nope, she sealed the deal because they actually appreciated what she had to say even though the manner in which she said it may not have been the best. Morrell Corp. now has exclusive rights to that battery and all is well in Fallon’s world … for now.

Dynasty returns Wednesday, November 29 at 9:00 PM on The CW.

What did you think of this episode? Has Fallon turned over a new leaf? Who is messing with Claudia’s meds? When is Alexis arriving? Tell us what you think!



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