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On the original Dynasty, Krystle Carrington was pretty much the show’s moral center. Even when she had to get down and dirty with her husband’s ex-wife Alexis, Krystle was always the beacon of light who everyone could look up to. Of course that’s not true with the new version of the show, and it’s getting harder and harder each week to figure out just who this show’s moral center is. For a while it seemed like it might be Steven, the do-good , eco-friendly, white sheep of the family. But as we learned this week, Steven’s no angel, willing to make deals with crooked cops to pin a murder on anyone who isn’t a Carrington. And while he’s a suspect in the death of Matthew Blaisdell, which he didn’t do, Steven is responsible for a previous accidental death because he botched a safety inspection … and dear old dad had been covering that up to protect his son. Too bad Steven doesn’t know any of this. Yet.

But what was Steven thinking when he got the phone back from Sammy Joe’s friend and then showing the sex video of Cristal and Matthew to Fallon? Maybe he’s not up on the latest technology, but she had that video transferred to her own phone and on the internet in the blink of an eye. And leading Sammy Joe on to bait his friend with $200,000 ransom money for the phone and then not telling him that the police would be right behind them to arrest the guy and get the money back seriously broke any trust Sam had in Steven. By the end of the episode, Steven is an island unto himself, but perfectly okay with the fact that Matthew Blaisdell’s co-worker Willy “committed suicide” and left a note confession to tampering with the equipment that accidentally killed Matthew. Of course the guy’s innocent, but when you entrust a crooked cop like Stansfield with cleaning up your family’s messes, there will be some collateral damage left behind. And now without Willy for support, what will become of Claudia now that she’s seen the sex video?

Cristal was up to some shady business this week too, obviously trying to distract Blake from all the drama she must have known was unfolding around them, particularly with that missing phone. She very purposely dragged Blake awy for a quick honeymoon to a Carrington family cabin that had zero Wifi reception. Perhaps she was hoping Sam would be able to get the phone back before anyone discovered the video, and try as she might to keep Black distracted by wrapping herself in a dusty old fake fur rug, he managed to lure her away to see a waterfall … and then just happened to go in the wrong direction so he could get a connection. And then they both saw the video.

And it turned out Blake didn’t want the phone back because of the video — because he knew nothing about it — he was worried Matthew had evidence of Steven’s screw up that resulted in someone else’s death. Well, okay, Blake actually tried to do something noble for his son but in the least noble way possible. So we’ll give him half a point for the attempt. Oddly enough, he didn’t seem phased by the sex video.


While everyone else was busy screwing up or screwing around, Fallon had a major opportunity to launch her new company, which she’s renamed Morrell Corp. (her middle name, and her mother’s maiden name), by snagging an energy contract with the city of Atlanta. She knows the guy who handles those things so she assures Jeff she has it handled. Except she didn’t because a new woman, Kori Rucks, had taken over those contracts. Fallon got off on the wrong foot with her by asking for a cup of coffee (not sure whether that was just a gender thing, a racial thing or a combination of both), and then completely forgot that they had gone to high school together. Even Jeff and Monique Colby knew who she was when Fallon said her name. Unimpressed, Kori basically kicked Fallon to the curb. Jeff was even less impressed with her performance, but thought that perhaps a tag team of he and his sister could rectify the situation.

Taking Kori out to a local club, Jeff talked to Kori and did his best to excuse Fallon and lay out the deal they both had for her. Kori had initially seen this as just a Carrington family squabble, but Jeff assured her that he is just as involved with this company as Fallon is. In fact, Fallon just happens to be at the same club – surprise! – with her “boyfriend” Michael Culhane. Yeah, she tells another old school chum that to get rid of him and then tells someone else that Culhane is not really her boyfriend. But Michael thought he was and when he heard that and realized she was just using him, he started to storm out, leaving her to fend for herself.

But Jeff caught him and asked where Fallon was so she could talk to Kori, and Kori was very interested in talking to Michael. Unfortunately, Fallon was much too busy talking to the press about the “shocking” sex video of her new stepmother to be bothered with Jeff, Kori, the deal or anything else. Fallon is too consumed by her hatred of Cristal to be bothered with anything else. But she got a wake up call the next day when she went to see Michael and Kori walked out wearing nothing but a shirt and a smile. So not only did she cause Jeff to lose the contract, but she lost Michael in the same moment. Will this make her see the error of her ways? And what’s going to happen when Cristal learns it was Fallon who leaked the video?

Probably not. Because there was a lot more talk of her mother Alexis this week, including the revelation that Fallon had written many letters to her mother after she left (and one wonders if she left on her own accord or perhaps Anders gave her a little push as his loyalty goes to, as he says, the “true Carringtons”), so we have to assume the show is setting us up for Alexis’ grand return.


But while we wait for Alexis to return, I can’t go without mentioning the clothes featured in this episode. There was an excuse for some of the horrid outfits last week as everyone was preparing for the 80s themed charity ball. But what was the excuse this week? Cristal trying to pass off fake fur as the real thing, Sammy Joe’s bedazzled camo jacket, Steven’s really unflattering dad jeans, and Fallon’s pink, tweedy fringe suit she wore to her meeting and then the terrifying off-the-shoulder little black dress she wore to the club that I swear Emma Samms wore as Fallon on the original Dynasty! The original show always had some glamorous, and glamorously tacky, outfits but designer Nolan Miller would be spinning in his grave if he saw some of the travesties the Carringtons are donning now.

What did you think of this episode? Will Fallon pay a price for her selfishness? Tell us what you think!



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