The Carringtons struggle to keep their Dynasty together


Whether it was the network or the producers listening to fans of the original Dynasty, or if it was something that was planned all along, it was nice to see the show open in the style of the original, featuring photos of the actors and a modernized version of the classic theme song. Whatever spurred this change to the opening of the show, I say thank you for that. It was a welcome surprise.

This week we saw the fallout from Steven’s arrest for the murder of Matthew Blaisdell. Of course he didn’t do it, but he was accused of giving money to an eco-terrorist group who carried out the sabotage that killed Blaisdell. But Steven doesn’t believe they did it either. One person who may know is Blake who had Matthew’s cell phone taken of evidence so he could see if there was anything incriminating on it. He didn’t seem to find anything about Steven, and he even told Steven he gave the phone back to his contact at the police department but … he didn’t, and there is something on the phone that could destroy the Carringtons. But … well,we’ll get to that in a minute.

The main part of the story focused on Cristal and Sammy Joe and Cristal’s life before she was a Carrington, or even an American. She and her sister were apparently paying someone — with stolen money — to help get them across the border but her sister never made it to the rendezvous location. Cristal got out but her sister is now in some serious trouble and Sammy needs Cristal to send her the money to get out.


But becoming a Carrington puts some limits on an outsider, including having your bank account merged without your knowledge with your new husband’s so there are no secrets. Blake’s major domo Anders is having a grand time torturing the new Mrs. Carrington and telling her about her new financial situation gave him particular pleasure. But Blake said she could spend the money on whatever she wanted but a $10,000 charge to a taco truck might look a bit suspicious.

With Sammy breathing down her neck and Fallon pecking at her constantly because she doesn’t think now is the proper time to hold the annual Carrington charity benefit (an event that was a mainstay of the original series that was based on Denver’s Carousel Ball), Cristal has to also decide which expensive piece of jewelry will be put up for auction. Knowing the piece is insured, could Cristal actually arrange to have the diamond necklace stolen? No, she doesn’t seem to have fallen that far down the Carrington rabbit hole just yet. (Perhaps she was still smarting from when Anders called her Gollum by the way she was clutching that “precious” necklace.)

But in the midst of the event, someone (Sammy?) did manage to get into Blake’s bedroom to make off with some Rolexes, cuff links, Cristal’s engagement ring (which she didn’t wear because of her gloves), and … Matthew Blaisdell’s phone. Whoops. And that will cause all kinds of drama in the next episode. Especially as Cristal has to keep from her new family that her cousin Sammy was the one who arranged for the theft.

But Sammy isn’t all bad. He was quite honest with Steven that he could not be his alibi for the day Matthew was killed, even though that was the day the two met and went back to Steven’s hotel room. Sammy’s shady past would not help Steven or himself. But as Steven did feel it was improper to make an appearance at the charity ball, Sammy decorated the patio area so the two could have their own party outside.

Fallon is finding herself in a bit of a romantic triangle now between chauffeur Michael Culhane and Jeff Colby. She swears to Michael that her relationship with Jeff is purely business and she tries to get that point across to Jeff as well … except she still keeps flirting with him and runs off to do business in the middle of a tryst with Michael. Blake isn’t too happy with Colby being anywhere near his daughter, either personally or professionally, and tricks Jeff into bidding $10 million for the necklace, far over its value. But as Blake gloated, Jeff said it was for charity so he wasn’t a loser in that instance. But Blake still resents Jeff whom he accuses of stealing Carrington tech to start his own business, which Jeff denies, but the two get into a dog fight (is that the male version of a cat fight?), knocking over an ice sculpture and drawing attention from the guests. For a minute there, I thought this was going to be the version of Blake accidentally killing someone as he did in the original show. They’ve killed off Matthew Blaisdell so why not Jeff Colby as well? That would be a real twist!


But by the end of the day, Blake realized what a dick he’s been to his kids. He blamed Steven for the accident that killed Matthew, and he filed a cease and desist order against Fallon to prevent her from using the Carrington name in her business. Yes, the name is trademarked because her mother Alexis (who was name dropped quite a lot this week) tried to start a business of her own using the name. In the end, Blake apologized to Steven, who said he was leaving after his legal mess was straightened out, and asked him to stay, appointing him to head the Carrington charitable foundation, and then he told Fallon she could have her name back, which she appreciated but decided she didn’t need, so all was well.

But … Fallon is going to have to deal with Jeff Colby now. He bought the necklace to give to her but she was nowhere to be found. Asking Anders, who said he knew the whereabouts of every true Carrington, Jeff was pointed in the direction of Michael’s living quarters where he saw the two of them hitting the sheets. Probably not how he expected his night to end.

What did you think of this episode? Who do you think killed Matthew, either purposely or accidentally? Tell us what you think!



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