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The second episode of The CW’s new Dynasty reboot it titled “Spit It Out”, which really doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the episode, but if you watch some of the clips on the CW app, you’ll discover that each title for each episode is a line of dialog from the original Dynasty and that is what inspired Sallie Patrick, the writer of this episode.

Of course, many characters on this show have a lot of information they could spit out, but after Matthew Blaisdel’s death, Cristal was shocked that Blake was putting business before family. To which Blake and Fallon replied in unison, “Same thing.” Does Cristal know what she’s gotten herself into? She’s still bumping heads with Fallon, who gets all the best lines, who is still resentful that her father passed her over for the COO position in favor of his new wife. Needing to make a statement to the press about Blaisdel’s death and the surrounding rumors of it being a murder, Cristal was forced to be the one to make a public statement about not only an employee’s death but her ex-lover as well. It didn’t go well with Cristal fainting in front of all the world’s cameras. Fallon enjoyed it though.

But the question now is who killed Matthew? Was it murder or just an accident? There are some prime suspects. Of course Blake is suspect numero uno because he had the most to gain. There are stories floating around that Blake and Matthew had a huge argument about Cristal, which Blake denies saying he only told Matthew that he was not going to give up Cristal. But perhaps the death was also a bit of collateral damage from a case of sabotage. It could have been anyone really, whoever was there to survey the land that Blake wanted to buy. Matthew just decided to do the job as his last bit of duty to Carrington Atlantic before resigning. So it’s possible he was not even a target.

But Blake could have had the equipment sabotaged to devalue the property. Not for himself but in retaliation for Fallon jumping ship and joining Jeff Colby to form a new energy company to compete with Carrington Atlantic. Jeff and Fallon pulled a fast one and swooped in to get the land before Blake did, so having a major “accident” that lead to a death on the property could have ramifications, especially after Blake suggests to the police that Jeff Colby had the motive for sabotaging the truck and had access thanks to his involvement with Fallon. But I think that’s reaching a bit. Would Jeff and Fallon go that far to get the land at a cheaper price? Doubtful.


Could Cristal have had a hand in it? No one has really looked at her, but she could have access to the equipment, or at least knows someone who does. She’s showed way more emotion over Matthew’s death than anyone else, first fainting at the press conference and not even making it through the funeral service. Did she want him dead because he chose his unstable wife over her, or just so he wouldn’t be around any more as a temptation?

She certainly knows someone else who could have sabotaged the truck — Matthew’s co-worker Willy Santiago. Willy was there when the accident happened, and he’s become Claudia’s shoulder to cry on. He also arranged a little meeting with Cristal to tell her that before Matthew died, he said Cristal’s name. But if it wasn’t for Cristal, Willy has his own axe to grind with Blake Carrington so I’d definitely keep him in mind as a suspect.

By the end of the episode, the FBI did show up at the Carrington mansion to arrest a suspect, Mr. Carrington. But not Blake … Steven! What?! This is a twist on the original series when Blake was accused of murder and went to trial, which led to the introduction of Alexis, and I almost expected her to make a surprise appearance at the wake when someone remarked Fallon was her mother’s daughter after spotting her in a bright red dress while everyone else was in black. Of course, Cristal did push her into an open grave so a costume change was necessary. How many black hot pants can one girl own? I supposed Steven also has a motive for stopping the land deal. He felt betrayed by being used by Blake, actually pimped out to the gay owner of the land, only to discover Blake’s intentions for the property weren’t as eco-friendly as Steven had expected. But who could he have gotten to perform the sabotage? Sammy Joe? Is that why Steven decided they need to cut things off? Hmmmm.

What did you think of this episode? Who do you think killed Matthew, either purposely or accidentally? Tell us what you think!



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