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Who is the enemy in this week’s titular episode (“The Enemy”) of Designated Survivor?

Michigan Governor John Royce who has been illegally detaining citizens in his state on suspicion of anything/everything/nothing? Congressman Peter MacLeish who despite his supposed alibi during The Capitol incident isn’t fooling anyone? (Possible) primary target Al-Saqar’s Majid Nassar who could have very well masterminded/given the order to attack The Capitol? General Munoz, commanding officer of the Michigan National Guard and his defiance of Kirkman’s orders to federalize the guard? How about General Harris Cochrane the perpetual thorn in the side of President Kirkman, willing to stir the pot at the drop of a pin?

Honestly, it doesn’t make one whit of difference. All are being dealt with in some way.

It was the kick in the pants stunt President Tom Kirkman pulled out from his sleeve that revealed, without doubt, he’s getting more than comfortable in his new role as president. And it was terrifically badass. Matter of fact, he doled out a couple hefty, heaping servings of badassery to a few of the above mentioned.

When all was said and done, Kirkman relieved the general of his duties, gave the okay to put a hit out on Majid Nassar and convinced Seth Wright to take up the vacant White House Press Secretary position. You saw all that if you took Wednesday’s airing in so I’m not going to belabor the details.

Instead, I’m going to expound a bit on what made Kirkman a badass.



It was an interesting play by him, meeting Governor Royce as he got off the plane in Washington. I asked myself: Why he didn’t make the governor come to him? As president, Kirkman could have easily waited for Royce to come to him at a place of his choosing, say … The White House. The method to his madness, however, was revealed shortly thereafter: Kirkman placed Royce under arrest for not obeying a direct order. I actually exclaimed “Whoa!” when it happened. That little maneuver awarded the POTUS instant badass status.

“I did what I thought was best for the country. And I sent a message to every other governor who thinks they can question the legitimacy of this presidency. And anyone who thinks they can usurp that needs to know they will face the consequences …” said Kirkman to Emily Rhodes during a discussion about right and wrong, just after Royce was taken away. “The right thing doesn’t always make you feel good …” he confessed.

Rhodes wasn’t so sure. “He’s turning into a different person,” she confided to Shore at one point during the hour. Yes he is, Emily. He’s turning into an asshole, especially when people don’t do what he tells them to do. That’s his privilege as POTUS. And a natural progression as his tenure moves forward if the will strikes him. (Granted: Maybe “asshole” is a bit too harsh … but it fits. Deliciously.)

With that turn of the screw, Designated Survivor is a whole new ballgame.

The show got past those third episode doldrums and suddenly got fun again.

Quick Note: I do so dig the little spouts of comedy peppered here and there in the show:

“Here’s a longshot: Any good news?” – Kirkman as he’s briefed with nothing but bad news

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