Box Office Report :: October 6 – 8

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Warner Bros. kicked off September with a bang, launching IT over the Labor Day weekend which helped score a record breaking September and made up for the dismal August returns. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for October with the studio’s launch of the long-in-the-waiting sequel Blade Runner 2049 which earned a disappointing $32.7 million, way down from the initially projected $44-$55 million weekend. While the film did top the charts and scored well with critics and audiences, the $150 million sci-fi flick was always going to have an uphill battle. The original Blade Runner was never a box office success and only gained a cult following once it hit home video and underwent several revisions to bring it closer to what director Ridley Scott had intended. Unfortunately, while pleasing the built in fan base, the film is having a hard time attracting a new audience that may not have seen the original. But with good word of mouth, Blade Runner 2049 could end up being another cult hit once it comes to home video. The film earned $49.2 million from foreign markets, matching expectations there giving it a global total of $82 million. The film has yet to open in China.

Second place this week went to the drama The Mountain Between Us starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet, which was a good counter-programming move by 20th Century Fox. While Blade Runner 2049 played to a 71% male audience, The Mountain Between Us played to a 58% female audience and earned $10.5 million. Internationally, the film opened in 11 markets, earning an additional $3.6 million.

Fourth place went to My Little Pony: The Movie which was shooting for $10 million but ended up with $8.8 million. The film also drew a larger female audience (59%) – surprising considering the “Brony” fan base – and 51% of the total audience was over age 25. The film also opened in 49 foreign markets earning an additional $3.8 million.

IT dropped 41% in its fifth week of release, moving down to Number 3, earning $9.9 million and crossing the $300 million mark domestically, now at $305.2 million. The film brought in an additional $19.8 million in foreign markets and has a worldwide total of $604.3 million.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle took a big tumble in its third week, dropping 49% and landing at Number 5 after holding the top spot for two weeks. The film earned $8.6 million and has a domestic total of $80.5 million against a $104 million budget. Globally, the film has earned $253.7 million. The first film topped out at $414.3 million worldwide.

The big winner of the week was Victoria & Abdul which added 655 screens for a total of 732 and saw its fortunes increase by 282%, moving up three spots to Number 8 with $4.1 million. The per screen average was $5,699, topping everything in the Top Ten from Number 2 down. Battle of the Sexes also added an additional 609 screens but still fell 25% and moved down four spots to Number 10 with $2.5 million.

The weekend of October 13 has two wide releases, The Foreigner and Happy Death Day, which may or may not have a major impact on the Top Ten, while a mid-level release, Marshall, may garner more praise and long-term success.

Below are the Top Ten grosses for the weekend of October 6.

1. [N] –1Blade Runner 2049 – $32,753,122 [NEW]

2. [N] –1The Mountain Between Us – $10,551,336 [NEW]

3. [2] –5It – $9,972,002 [$305,250,480] – ★★★

4. [N] –1My Little Pony: The Movie – $8,885,899 [NEW]

5. [1] –3Kingsman: The Golden Circle – $8,675,412 [$80,539,837] – ★★★

6. [3] –2American Made – $8,446,715 [$30,818,675]

7. [4] –3The LEGO Ninjago Movie – $7,002,474 [$44,076,137] – ★★✩

8. [11] –3Victoria and Abdul – $4,171,870 [$5,987,264]

9. [5] –2Flatliners – $3,975,021 [$12,504,623]

10. [6] –3Battle of the Sexes – $2,562,066 [$7,839,641] – ★★★

[#] Last week’s position. [N] New in theaters. – # – Weeks in theaters. HOTCHKA review  |  Source: Box Office Mojo

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