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Coming off of one of the worst weekends of the year so far — and that’s saying something considering how bad August was — three new films made their way into the Top Ten but barely registered, with the top twelve films combined earning less than $60 million, $18 million behind the same weekend last year. There could be a few factors for this including people binge watching the second season of Stranger Things which dropped on Netflix Friday. Saturday was also a big day for Halloween parties which also kept many movie-goers elsewhere.

The Saw franchise kicked back to life as Jigsaw took the Number 1 spot with $16.6 million, about $2 million less than the original delivered in 2004. The film also opened in 46 foreign territories, earning an estimated $9.5 million, giving the $10 million horror flick a $26.1 million worldwide gross. Not a disaster, but it shows that perhaps it’s time to really give this series a permanent rest.

Universal’s veterans drama Thank You For Your Service took the Number 6 spot with $3.8 million, just under the $4 million industry expectations. Not getting any love was the George Clooney directed/Matt Damon starring/Coen Brothers written Suburbicon which tanked in the Number 9 spot with $2.8 million. Critical reviews and audience reactions were harsh, keeping it from even reaching the opening numbers of the divisive mother! ($10.1 million), also from Paramount.

Of the other seven films in the Top Ten, only IT saw a small drop going in to the Halloween holiday. Dropping 27.5%, the movie slipped from Number 7 to Number 10 with $2.5 million. Its worldwide gross now stands at …. $666.5 million. Last week’s Number 1, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, slipped 53% down one spot to Number 2 with $10 million.

The coming week will see A Bad Moms Christmas getting a head start on the weekend — and the holidays — by opening Wednesday. All the better to make way for Thor: Ragnarok which opens Friday in North America. The film had its overseas debut and raked in just over $109 million in 36 markets. Disney reports the opening is $5 ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and 22% ahead of Doctor Strange. It should dominate the domestic box office this weekend.

Disney also released its latest animated feature Coco in Mexico this weekend to take advantage of the upcoming Día de Muertos holiday Wednesday. The film earned $8.4 million.

Below are the Top Ten grosses for the weekend of October 27.

1. [N] –1Jigsaw – $16,640,452 [NEW]

2. [1] –2Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween – $10,052,608 [$35,574,251] – ★✩✩

3. [2] –2Geostorm – $5,903,428 [$23,781,796] – ★✩✩

4. [3] –3Happy Death Day – $5,078,685 [$48,374,210] – ★★★

5. [4] –4Blade Runner 2049 – $4,117,395 [$81,538,180] – ★★★

6. [N] –1Thank You for Your Service – $3,817,700 [NEW] – ★★✩

7. [5] –2Only The Brave – $3,502,095 [$11,992,152] – ★★★

8. [6] –3The Foreigner – $3,443,433 [$29,060,751]

9. [N] –1Suburbicon – $2,840,246 [NEW]

10. [7] –8It – $2,503,338 [$323,868,540] – ★★★

[#] Last week’s position. [N] New in theaters. – # – Weeks in theaters. HOTCHKA review  |  Source: Box Office Mojo

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