Box Office Report :: February 10 – 12


With the Super Bowl behind us, the weekend box office was the best of the year so far as the Top Twelve films brought in a combined $177 million, just below the $180 million projections. Warner Brothers did very well — although not as well as expected — with the second in their LEGO movie franchise. The LEGO Batman Movie brought in $53 million from 4,088 screens, a bit below the $60 million forecast. The original LEGO Movie opened with $69 million and went on to earn almost $258 million, so WB will certainly be hoping this one can top the $200 million mark. With a Presidents Day holiday weekend ahead, it should retain the top spot as kids have a day off from school, but it will still face some stiff competition. Overseas, LEGO Batman earned $37.2 million in 60 markets for a global total of $90.2 million.

In second place was Fifty Shades Darker which scored a $46.6 million opening weekend, about $40 million less than the first Fifty Shades of Grey, but still a bit stronger than expected. How it plays on Valentine’s Day and over the holiday weekend will determine the film’s fate. The first in the series dropped a whopping 74% in its second weekend. The kind of drop off is not expected this time around since the film already scored less, but it could still struggle to hit the $125 million mark. Overseas, the film brought in $97.7 million for a worldwide $144.3 million total.

In third place was John Wick: Chapter 2, the surprise sequel to the surprise hit from 2014. The new film more than doubled the first’s opening with $30.4 million, with audiences scoring it even higher than the original. The film is certain to beat the entire $43 million domestic run of the first with the studio eyeing a $90 million finish. Worldwide, the first film earned just $88.7 million. In foreign markets, the film earned $10.6 million for a global $41 million total.

The remained of the Top Ten held remarkably well with Rings and Sing the only films to lose more than 35%. In its second week, Rings dropped 56.6%, tumbling five spaces to Number 7 with $5.6 million and sending Paramount into a film killing spree, effectively canceling both the World War Z sequel and the Friday the 13th reboot in wake of Rings poor performance — however misguided those decisions were considering those films share decidedly different and more rabid fan bases (at least in the case of the F13 fans who have been clamoring for a new film since the 2009 revival) than the Ring series does. Sing dropped 58% and slid down three spots to Number 10 with $1.7 million. It’s domestic total stands at $265.4 million, $502 million globally.

With more awards and acclaim coming its way, Lion saw a 5% gain and moved up one spot to Number 9 with $3.9 million. The film won Best Supporting Actor (Dev Patel) and Best Adapted Screening play at the BAFTAs (aka British Oscars) over the weekend. Of the other Best Picture nominees in the Top Ten, Hidden Figures has surpassed La La Land‘s gross, $131.4 million to $125.9 million, but La La Land did bring home the Best Picture BAFTA, as well as three other awards.

The weekend of February 17, the Presidents Day holiday weekend in the US, will see the wide release of three new films: A Cure for Wellness, Fist Fight and The Great Wall, which has the best shot of dethroning The LEGO Batman Movie.

Below are the Top Ten actual numbers for the weekend of February 10.

1. [N] The LEGO Batman Movie – $53,003,468 [NEW]

2. [N] Fifty Shades Darker – $46,607,250 [NEW]

3. [N] John Wick: Chapter Two – $30,436,123 [NEW]

4. [1] Split – $9,525,935 [$112,498,205] – ★★✩

5. [4] Hidden Figures – $8,002,670 [$131,454,920] – ★★✩

6. [3] A Dog’s Purpose – $7,271,430 [$42,501,105]

7. [2] Rings – $5,649,575 [$21,321,86]

8. [5] La La Land – $4,943,811 [$125,954,156] – ★★★

9. [10] Lion – $3,950,610 [$30,236,332] – ★★✩

10. [7] Sing – $1,703,625 [$265,408,620] – ★★★

[#] Last week’s position. [N] New in theaters.   HOTCHKA review  |  Source: Box Office Mojo

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