Box Office Report :: April 7 – 9

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This was one of those weekends where expectations weren’t high for much of anything as everyone awaits the release next weekend of The Fate of the Furious. With that, Fox and DreamWorks held on to the top spot with The Boss Baby for a second week, dropping 47.5% with $26.3 million. Its two-week domestic total stands at $89.4 million, while it has earned a cumulative $110.7 million in foreign markets for a tidy $200.2 million global tally so far.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast held at second place with $23.6 million, dropping nearly 50% from the previous week (and also losing 241 screens). The film’s four week domestic total is now at $431 million. In foreign markets, the earnings total $545.3 million, adding up to $976.2 million globally. By the time the film opens in Japan on April 21, it will have crossed the $1 billion mark.

Another major achievement was made this week by Kong: Skull Island. While its domestic total of $156.3 million still hasn’t matched its $185 million budget, and lags behind 2014’s Godzilla, it’s doing gangbusters around the world with a cumulative $378.9 million giving it a global total of $535.2 million, a little more than $6 million above Godzilla‘s total global earnings. Anyone fearful that WB and Legendary won’t move forward with the sequels that pair the two giants and add in more classic kaiju should be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

And there were three newcomers to the Top Ten this weekend. Smurfs: The Lost Village performed about as expected, debuting at Number 3 with $13.2 million domestically. The film also earned $42.1 million from 58 overseas markets for a $55.3 million global total (against a $60 million budget). Going In Style, a remake of the 1979 caper comedy, bested its expected $8 million opening by almost $4 million, earning $11.9 million domestically, with an additional $4.8 million from foreign markets. With April 9 being Palm Sunday, the faith-based The Case for Christ dropped at the Number 10 spot with $3.9 million.

Ghost in the Shell and Power Rangers both had bad weekends with Power Rangers dropping 56% from the previous week with $6.2 million in its third weekend. Ghost in the Shell had it even worse, losing 61% in its second weekend and earning $7.3 million. Its domestic total is now just $31.5 million on a $110 million budget. Overseas earnings are looking a bit brighter however with a cumulative $92.8 million in the bank. With a global total of $124.3 million, Ghost is actually out-performing Power Rangers which has a global take of $117.1 million.

The coming weekend of April 14 has one wide release, The Fate of the Furious, which is expected to be the second film of the year to bow with over $100 million. How that affects the rest of the Top Ten remains to be seen.

Below are the Top Ten grosses for the weekend of April 7.

1. [1] The Boss Baby – $26,363,488 [$89,436,806] – ★★★

2. [2] Beauty and the Beast – $23,652,605 [$430,946,639] – ★★★

3. [N] Smurfs: The Lost Village – $13,210,449 [NEW]

4. [N] Going in Style – $11,932,330 [NEW]

5. [3] Ghost in the Shell – $7,306,413 [$31,529,863]

6. [4] Power Rangers – $6,199,403 [$75,095,645] – ★★✩

7. [5] Kong: Skull Island – $5,576,182 [$156,305,906] – ★★★

8. [7] Get Out – $4,057,330 [$162,889,980] – ★★★

9. [6] Logan – $4,021,829 [$218,029,237] – ★★★

10. [N] The Case for Christ – $3,967,885 [NEW]

[#] Last week’s position. [N] New in theaters.   HOTCHKA review  |  Source: Box Office Mojo

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