Box Office Report :: April 21 – 23

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This week’s box office returns are as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 as last week’s top three films are also this week’s top three films. Leading the charge once again was The Fate of the Furious, adding 19 screens but dropping a not-unexpected 61% after the huge opening weekend. The film brought in $38.4 million in its second week for a domestic total of $163.3 million. In overseas markets, the film added an additional $163.4 million for a foreign total of $745 million, giving it a global haul of $908.3 million. The film is expected to cross the $1 billion mark this week as the April 28 opening in Japan looms.

In second place, The Boss Baby brought in $12.7 million, dropping just 21% in its fourth week of release. The domestic total now stands at $140 million. The film is also doing well overseas with a cumulative $222.7 million for a global $360 million gross. In third place, Beauty and the Beast dropped 29.5% in its sixth week of release with $9.6 million. Its domestic total is now $470.7 million with a global total of $1.1 billion. The film finally made its debut in Japan at Number 1 with $12.8 million.

Disney also had more to crow about with the debut of Born In China, the new documentary from the studio’s Disneynature division. The film was the highest charting newcomer, coming in at Number 6 with $4.8 million, matching the performance of the studio’s Bears in 2014. The Katherine Heigl thriller Unforgettable made a forgettable debut at Number 7 with just $4.8 million. Luckily the film’s budget was only in the $12 million range. Not so lucky was the debut of the wartime romantic drama The Promise which landed with a thud at Number 9. The $90 million period piece brought in a meager $4 million domestically and $1.5 million from foreign markets. The buzzy Free Fire failed to make much of a splash on over 1,000 screens, taking in just $994,431 in its opening weekend.

It wasn’t all bad news though. Gifted added 840 screens to bring its tally up to 1,986 and saw its fortunes rise by 47.5% with $4.5 million. However, the film still dropped two spots to Number 8 to make way for two newcomers. Doing even better was The Lost City of Z which added 610 screens to its previous 4, shooting up the chart from Number 28 to Number 10 in its second week with $2.1 million, a 1,826% increase.

The coming weekend of April 28 will probably see little change in the Top Three movies for one more week with only The Circle getting a wide release on more than 2.800 screens. How To Be a Latin Lover will debut on about 1,000 screens and Sleight will hit about 550 screens.

Below are the Top Ten grosses for the weekend of April 21.

1. [1] –2The Fate of the Furious – $38,408,415 [$163,304,635]

2. [2] –4The Boss Baby – $12,712,144 [$136,954,014] – ★★★

3. [3] –6Beauty and the Beast – $9,662,645 [$470,787,029] – ★★★

4. [5] –3Going in Style – $4,910,895 [$31,671,738]

5. [4] –3Smurfs: The Lost Village – $4,880,377 [$33,418,362]

6. [N] –1Born in China – $4,790,367 [NEW]

7. [N] –1Unforgettable – $4,785,431 [NEW]

8. [6] –3Gifted – $4,558,508 [$10,773,300]

9. [N] –1The Promise – $4,095,718 [NEW] – ★★★

10. [28] –2The Lost City of Z – $2,121,540 [$2,270,953]

[#] Last week’s position. [N] New in theaters. – # – Weeks in theaters. HOTCHKA review  |  Source: Box Office Mojo

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