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Well, the Twin Twist was finally dissolved — about time! — and when we left off with Thursday’s live show, the remaining Houseguests, minus Steve, were playing for the Head of Household in that grueling egg and chicken wire competition. Austin took an early lead but Vanessa and Johnny Mac quickly caught up and surpassed him by one egg. Vanessa had the more nimble fingers though and became the new HoH (again). What we didn’t see on the show was John trying to make a deal beforehand to throw the comp to Austin or Liz if they promised to evict Steve and take him to the Final Three.

Now that Vanessa is in charge, which of her two alliances should she remain true to? She’s certainly been playing longer with Austin and Liz, but she seems to have a better shot at getting to Final Two with John and Steve. What we didn’t see on the show was Vanessa agonizing over who to target. Her initial thought was Austin, Steve tried to run scenarios with her to show that she’s better with John in the game, but she ultimately decided to nominate John and Steve, with Steve believing he is not a target. Vanessa is leaning toward evicting John.



The problem with Vanessa is that for all of her strategic moves in the game, she becomes a basket case when the task of nominating people falls on her shoulders. She begins to interrogate everyone looking for information, and if someone doesn’t provide what she wants to hear — and most of the time no one knows what she wants them to say — they are automatically under suspicion (while conveniently forgetting plans she’s hatched with the person she’s interrogating). At this point, she has to know that if she makes it to Final Three with Austin and Liz, unless she wins that spot in the Top Two, neither Austin nor Liz would choose her to sit next to them at the end. John’s been willing to throw Steve to the wolves any time it benefited his game, so Vanessa would be in a better position with that bromance still in the house as opposed to the Liztin showmance. Of course what happens with the Power of Veto can change everything.

Don’t forget Big Brother moves to Tuesday this week to make room for Thursday Night Football. There will be an eviction Tuesday and Wednesday, then the episode on Sunday where the Final Three reflect on the season, and the live finale on September 23. With only four episodes left, who do you think deserves to win? Tell us in the comments below!

POWER OF VETO RESULTS – Do not read beyond this point if you don’t want to see what’s been happening.

The Power of Veto competition was held Saturday, keeping the live feeds off most of the day. However when the feeds returned, John emerged victorious, throwing everyone’s plans out the window. Interesting trivia: John has now won four PoVs, tying with James from BB6 and Shane from BB14 for most Vetos won by a male in a season.

With Vanessa’s target off the block, it was back to the drawing board and for her that meant getting out the Skittles to play a Big Brother version of Risk to plot out her moves for the rest of the season.

The Veto ceremony ended with Austin as the replacement nominee and John telling him and Liz that he’ll vote for Steve. Vanessa, however, is counting on a tie vote allowing her to evict Austin. But will that plan also fall through?

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