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As we reported in our last post as the HoH competition came to an end, wild card Becky now holds all the power in the Big Brother house. Becky has floated around between the Sixth Sense alliance and James, Meg and Jackie, but now she seems ready to put all of her eggs in the basket that does not belong to the Sixth Sense (or should we call it Fifth Sense now that Clay is gone?).

While the original plan was to break up and evict both member of the Clelli showmance, Becky has bigger fish to fry thanks to a blow-up that occurred five hours before Thursday’s eviction where an innocent conversation between Clay and Vanessa turned into paranoid accusations and mistrust all on the part of Vanessa, putting a massive target on her back. Thanks to John’s observations regarding Vanessa’s behavior since the season started, he confirmed for Becky that she has to go.



But in order to fool her into thinking she’s safe, Becky has nominated Shelli and Steve, both of whom are natural targets for her. The plan, however, is still to backdoor Vanessa, but should nominations stay the same, it will be hasta la vista Shelli, going all along to the Jury House. No, wait, she will be joined by a second evictee as this week is the Big Brother Fast Forward. It’s going to be an exciting Thursday.



Tonight’s hilarious moments: Vanessa spraying her hair with disinfectant for the hair trimmer was the best. I had to rewind that three times, it was so funny! Runners up were the Steve montage capped by Big Brother reprimanding him, and the side-eye from Jackie during nominations.

What you haven’t seen on TV

Part of Becky’s duty as HoH is to choose the Have Nots for the week. To make it easier on everyone, the HGs devised a schedule so that everyone took a turn and James, Meg and Jackie were the scheduled “volunteers.”

John, Shelli and Steve have formed a new alliance and have agreed to work together moving forward. John filled Shelli in on some of Vanessa’s activities, including how quick she is to throw Shelli under the bus, so that all agree it won’t be such a bad thing to see her go.

The Power of Veto comp was held Saturday. The comp was a re-do of the comic book challenge from last season with each HG playing individually, knocking the live feeds off for more than five hours. But, the winner of the comp was Steve, so it looks like Becky’s plan is in motion.

Someone spilled the beans to Vanessa that she was the real target, so when Becky chose Houseguest’s Choice before the Veto comp, she chose Vanessa to throw her off.

Vanessa’s paranoia that she is the target is getting worse as she has cornered James to tell him that John should be the replacement nominee this week. Then she went to Becky who assured her that the plan was still to nominee John when Steve used the Veto, but Shelli was still the target. Vanessa promised to vote Shelli out. If Becky was ever having any second doubts about evicting Vanessa, her paranoia has probably sealed the deal.

On Big Brother After Dark, we saw Steve have one of the longest conversations he’s had with anyone all season — and that’s not saying much — as he actually plotted with Becky to make sure Vanessa went out the door this week.

Who do you think should be the first member of the jury? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you want to see what happens before it airs on TV — if it airs on TV — subscribe to the live feeds at and save 40% off of last year’s subscription! Each subscription purchased also helps support Hotchka, and we thank you for that.

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