Together or Not At All is (not) how Agents of SHIELD rolls


This week’s SHIELD, “Together or Not At All”, took no time in getting into the action. We got fighting, a yanked out implant, and a blown up ship in the first three minutes alone! Quake conveniently got her powers turned back off before they made their escape, another cost cutting measure, or at least that’s how it felt to me.

Now here I’m going to have to apologize because apparently I got a couple things very wrong. I was positive that Kasius and his right hand woman Sinara were dead at the end of last week. They sure seemed like it to me. Oops! Nope they were apparently almost completely unharmed, Kasius sporting a small cut on his cheek but not much else. I was really confused here and perhaps I’m the only one but things seemed very straightforward last week so I expected an explanation or something, but no, everybody is cool so I’m going to chalk it up to a brain short out on my end.

Staying on Kasius and the Kree storylines in general, I have to say I really, really did not enjoy any of the soap opera, monologuing, and terribly boring parts that centered around the Kree characters. The pretentiousness and lack of any emotional depth reminded me a great deal of Inhumans. Being linked to that stinker is never a good thing. But I just couldn’t have cared less about any of them.


We got a ton more backstory for Kasius and Sinara and it made me like and care for them even less than I did before! After introducing an interesting actor as Kasius’s brother, he gets easily murdered, stabbed from behind during the most telegraphed ruse in television history. Earlier the brother introduces us to his top warrior. Said to be unbeatable and a master hunter, also taken out from behind with zero difficulty. I think Sinara could win an entire war by just sneaking behind people and killing them while their backs are turned!

Worse was that my reaction to both deaths was “Oh really?, Okay whatever.” Instead of the new generic blue guy as a villain, the original generic blue guy stays the villain … so what was the point of all of this? Introducing the brother and establishing the family history, does anyone care? Is there anyone watching this riveted by these cold Downton Abbey style aliens sipping their wine and politely murdering each other? Just a big ole snooze for a very large section of the episode.

Then we got the tiniest bit of May on the wrecked Earth’s surface, fighting off roaches with Enoch and then plucked from a gravity storm by … Inspector Gadget?

Okay, so no it is not a cameo from Don Adams, Matthew Broderick, or even French Stewart (yes, I know way too much about Gadget and no I did not forget Maurice LaMarche or Ivan Sherry so there). But they are grabbed by someone with what appeared to be a spring loaded comically long claw / hand. I swear, go back and rewatch and if you don’t think “Go go gadget hand” to yourself … well then you just have no imagination!

So an unintentionally comical moment which eventually leads us to the big reveal that the people on Earth who have been calling out are led by Robin the little girl who started this whole mess, only now a very old woman who still carries a small wooden bird everywhere. Okay? I was expecting a huge reveal moment here and I got more of a “huh, that makes sense I guess.” Like is there something more interesting that comes out of this? As it is now, it’s nothing.

Nothing and slow are big descriptors for most of the episode. Fitz gets shot but he’s kinda okay. No one can pilot the ship but Coulson sorta manages. When Sinara kills the other warrior, the other guard just stands there. When the Inhuman kid kills a guard, very slowly mind you, the other guard stands and watches it happen. Then that slow anti-grav escape. Why is everything so slow this week?!


Also literally after just reuniting, Mack and Yoyo decide to stay behind and help the kid while the rest of the team leaves. Okay, take a minute and think about the episode title … . They can’t even stay together for a whole hour! Though the weapons that Fitz hid being on Level 3 with the roaches, that was pretty funny. But the rest of that crap was, well, crap.

Also I’ve been loving all the Star Wars references until now, but that Mr. and Mrs. Boba Fett joke from Daisy hit with a thud. It made no sense and felt forced, much like the prequels did!

While a glimmer of decent here and there, a couple character beats and tying in the gravitonium was a nice touch. I did not have fun watching this week’s Agents of SHIELD. It felt like a chore, and so much time was wasted on building a backstory for the Kree characters that we still care nothing for. A rare total miss for the series.

Agents of SHIELD airs Friday at 9:00 PM on ABC.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments section below!



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