Agents of SHIELD rewinds things & gives us a damn good time


One more (and last?) time we return to the Diner scene from last season’s finale. This time following our young Fitz and his journey. My first and loudest thought was “thank god!” This week’s episode “Rewind” was a breath of fresh air.

Showing Fitz going through interrogation and imprisonment, the whole montage of his months long trial, such a nice change of pace. Also a nice way to let him take center stage after being sidelined for so much of the season. I will say that as much as last week’s preview got me excited by showing Hunter returning to the show, it also gave away a turn in this week’s episode. When Fitz asks for a television to watch soccer and then to send letters complaining about the matches, I immediately knew that was the message system to Hunter. Also we never got to read the letters and figure out how he coded the messages so the government agents would miss his message.

Hunter showing up as his lawyer and their reunited bro hug was a fantastic moment, holding it just a tad too long another great touch of humor. Hunter and Bobbi’s absence has been a sore spot for me so bringing half the duo back helped a bit. After the failure of their characters to get a spinoff it always seemed a shame that rather than rejoining the team they just disappeared.

Of course we got the obligatory B.S. explanation for Bobbi’s absence. Some nonsense on how they are together but work separately now … some such garbage. It was hard to follow and left things just vague enough to be changed down the line whenever Adrianne Palicki gets back from her deep space adventures aboard The Orville.


Back to the rescue/escape mission with Fitz and Hunter, I loved everything about this part, everything! From Hunter moving Fitz around to just the right place before setting off explosives, to the chopper crash (poor Rusty), and through the choice of RV as an escape vehicle. The lead government agent’s remarks about how stupid they must be, this episode was having a ton of fun and I was grinning ear to ear for the bulk of it.

I so missed the spy stuff, the James Bond gadgets and guns fun. Plus we got exterior shots! Real ones, not green screen. Things had started feeling so claustrophobic in our space station set episodes and this was like walking out of a closet into the outdoors.

We saw glimpses of what the world at large knows about what happened. It seems that SHIELD is being blamed for Talbot’s injuries, Mace’s death, and everything else Aida was responsible for. The team is thought to be on the run and it seems like SHIELD has been dissolved completely now.

So after minutes of freedom with second hand equipment, Fitz is able to do what the combined might of U.S. intelligence could not and figures out what happened to the rest of the team. This was just a tad too easy and the truck with changing exterior felt too obvious to have been overlooked by so many. While I’m sure it wasn’t this low tech, all I could think of was the film Johnny Dangerously where they peeled layers of shelf paper off their cars to get away from the cops. About as silly and ineffective here as it was there.

But anyway, they find the weird alien from the premiere and we get a flood of exposition and answers. That guy? Some kind of alien anthropologist sent to study Earth. The year the team sent to? 2091. Hmm, seems a bit too close to our own time but okay … The prophecy and seer who made the prediction? This one stretches all the way back to Hive and the Inhuman character who could see people’s deaths when touching. Apparently his daughter Robin has visions of the future and has been the driving force behind everything. I have to admit I had barely a shadow of a memory of any Inhuman named Robin and the small wooden bird she carries. I cheated a bit on Wikipedia to refresh my memory on her origins. Kudos though to the writers paying off something from season three in a way that feels completely natural and believable.

There are still a ton of unknowns left for us. What the alien anthropologist looks like is still a mystery, and the origins of the underground base that eventually becomes the space station of the future is left completely vague. Also there is a new mystery, at least for me. The agents who have been interrogating and subsequently hunting for Fitz are executed by their boss by the end. Not only did this seem extreme, it also makes me think there might be another faction at play here we don’t understand yet, perhaps an enemy they’ll face when the team returns home.

So Fitz, ever the planner, stashes away a ton of weapons for the team for when he awakens in the future, awakens from cryo sleep or “the long way round” as he calls it. This brought us to the best moment and continuing Star Wars homage theme of the season. When Fitz and Hunter reenact the “I love you,” “I know” scene and did it just the right amount of serious to be hysterical!

I just loved this episode, conveniences and all. Bringing us back to the spy game, having fun, answering questions, and most importantly moving the plot forward. “Rewind” is an episode worth a rewatch and hopefully can carry some of that energy over into the dour future exploits with the rest of the team.

Agents of SHIELD airs Friday at 9:00 PM on ABC.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments section below!



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