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This week’s Agents of SHIELD promoted itself as the giant revelation of Ghost Rider’s origin. We found out the huge secret that … it happened exactly like Robbie Reyes has told us about twenty times. Yea, I don’t know what the big deal was. After hearing it described a number of times, seeing it isn’t that impressive.

So basically we found out that the hit on Robbie and his brother was intended for his uncle. We sort of already knew that. We see them crash, also had heard that too. Then we see “The Devil” give Robbie his powers. The only revelation here is the devil he was talking about is basically the classic old school Ghost Rider. With the Harley and a more traditional looking skull ablaze this was a nice nod to the original character but it still raises more questions than it answered for me.

Mainly was this just another person cursed with the Rider and passing it on? Could this be Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch, the first two comic versions of the character? Will we get a Nicholas Cage cameo down the line? (Dear god I hope not). After all the pushing about the occult and how he isn’t just another Inhuman, they came short of confirming the devil’s existence and firmly establishing the supernatural on the series.



The closest thing we get to any actual otherworldly acknowledgment is when Robbie breaks out of the containment unit. After establishing that it should be able to hold anybody or anything, the team was utterly floored to see him break down the door. But let’s be honest, do any of us think that box could hold The Hulk? Or even Captain America? Of course not. So while his feat is impressive, it isn’t the kick into magic waters I was hoping for.

There was a big nod to Agent Carter (RIP) this episode. Zero matter and Roxxon both name checked. It seems Roxxon is still involved in shady dealings. Maybe we can get some more Carter episodes by way of flashbacks through SHIELD.

This whole ghost plotline seems to have kind of wrapped up with Robbie killing of the last of them. Though we find out his Uncle has really been the catalyst this whole time and ends up sending Fitz, Robbie, and Coulson to parts unknown. A pretty big cliffhanger to end on, especially since the show doesn’t return until … November 29?!?

Wow, what’s the deal with that? I get they have to skip a week for the election coverage. But skipping two additional weeks during sweeps? What is their plan here exactly? Or does ABC have that little faith in the show? By the time they return, the ratings period is completely over. A really odd choice for what is supposed to be a flagship series.

As for where our missing team members went. We found out that this matter creator is drawing energy from some strange other place. This has to be our peripheral connection to the upcoming Doctor Strange right? Probably only in the most basic thread thin connection but I would bet we get a reference to the good Doctor when next we see our team. They also mentioned a Quantum state, much like Ant Man had a Quantum realm, a small nod to the small hero. Also kind of confirming that Ant Man has more in common with Doctor Strange than most other Marvel heroes.



A few other significant things came about this week:

  • Simmons got sent away by the director on some secret mission with zero time to prepare. Did anyone feel like this was a bit ominous given their rocky interactions last week? Could this just be busy work to get her away or are there more dastardly implications?
  • Speaking of the director, Mace and Coulson’s tension came to a head this week. I’m glad Mace figured out Coulson’s ruse. If a director of SHIELD fell for such a simple trick that would be pretty lame. It will be interesting to see where this leads to next. Maybe Phil will have to go rogue again.
  • The Coulson/May possible romance seems more and more likely. His comment to her that she’s the only one he trusts had a hint of subtext about it. Plus being that they both had their hearts broken last season it seems time for them both to get back into a relationship.
  • SHIELD has been a little lite on its pop culture references this season, which made Mace and Coulson’s little Han Solo/Lando conversation so welcome this week. Plus the metaphor was perfect as Phil was smuggling people under the main deck. Plus we got Robbie’s brother calling Mack “Black Kojak.”

All in all another solid episode from SHIELD. What hurt things really was how over-promoted this week was. This wasn’t a world shocking revelation. It was just another fun outing that wrapped up threads while laying out the path for the future. See you back in three weeks, agents!

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