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Ghost Rider took a back seat (pun intended) on this week’s Agents of SHIELD. The focus was on a multi-city blackout supposedly caused by an Inhuman uprising. As we found out, of course, this was simply a ruse and the Inhuman hate group from last season was really behind things. The Watch Dogs seem to have gained some strong allies as they’ve grown from hillbillies in pickup trucks with shotguns to a well-funded and incredibly well-outfitted militia style force. Not to mention the resources to stage multiple EMP devices and take over broadcasting nationwide.

Whoever is backing them I’m sure will become a larger part of the season moving forward but I do take issue with one larger plot point. The whole constant EMP device seems to have many flaws in its planning. A big primary one being how are The Watch Dogs communicating with all their forces if all electronics are down? A well-orchestrated tactical siege with zero communication? How about how everything starts working again after it’s disabled? Now I’m no expert but every time I have heard anyone talk about the use of an EMP to knock out electronics that stuff is fried, dead, and no longer usable. In fact, they even say that the only phones that could work would have to have been turned off during the blast. Yet once they take out the device causing the pulse everything turns back on like the power was just switched off. Huge plot hole here.



Something else that seemed oddly quick was the resolution to May’s story. After being infected by the “ghost” I was sure it would lead to some big revelation or have lasting effects. Nope. What we learned is curing this crazy illness is simply a human rebooting. Just turn her heart off and back on again. Okay, so the power goes out just as they need to revive her, oh they will have to use Aida to jump start her heart right? Then Simmons will know about the android and there will be fallout between her and Fitz right? No? Radcliffe just takes Aida’s heart and restarts May so she’s now fine, Aida is still secret, and we don’t know anything new about the ghostly dangers? So what was the damn point? We learn nothing and everything is back to status quo.

So aside from that pointless plotline, there were some amazing scenes in this week’s outing. The hotel raid on Yoyo with Mack, Coulson, and Fitz coming to the rescue is the first. A great fast-paced fight scene with tight editing and fantastic shots. My only complaint was it wasn’t longer. It was also a nice change showing the team having to use old school tactics and weapons. With all the tech fried we got to see how these guys think on their feet. It was also nice to see Fitz have to use his brains to MacGyver together a way to track down the EMP machines.

The other scene I just loved was the other big fight sequence, with the pulse machine lighting the room and cycling on and off, the dips to black punctuated by the lights returning and the team taking out The Watch Dogs. One of the most stylish fight scenes I’ve seen on this show or any other. Not only was it beautifully directed, the stunt work was on point and it gave every member of the team something important to do. Yoyo is such a strong addition to the team I can only assume she will get killed off or leave the team this season. Her ability to clear weapons from an entire squad seems to be too much of a benefit and I can see it making things a little dull.

The only other big revelation was the new director bringing SHIELD back into the public eye. Now this might be a good move but not telling people about his Inhuman background seems like a huge dagger dangling over their heads. Is there any way he doesn’t end up being outed eventually and losing the public trust as a result?

Overall, this episode barely moved the plot forward. Other than reintroducing The Watch Dogs and SHIELD going public nothing else has any lasting effect. Some really pretty and stylish pieces a few cute character moments but otherwise a fairly unimportant episode. Entertaining filler is still just that, filler.

What did you think of this episode? Tell us in the comments section below!

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