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Amazon Deal of the Day :: Smallville Complete Series

Save 67% on Smallville: The Complete Series DVD Box set. Included in the set are all ten seasons, bonus material from the previously released season sets (audio commentary, deleted scenes ...
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Betsy Palmer, early TV pioneer and Jason Voorhees’ mother, dies at 88

Betsy Palmer, who gained fame with one generation in the early days of television appearing on games shows like I've Got a Secret and earned a new fan base in 1980 ...
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San Andreas is entertaining but implausibly over the top

Ray Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) is having a good day. He and his rescue team are being featured on the local news, he saves a young woman from a car dangling ...
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Rick Baker announces his retirment

Oscar-winning make-up artist Rick Baker announced his retirement Wednesday (May 27).In a radio interview with KPCC, Baker said, "I said the time is right, I am 64 years old, and ...
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BOOM! :: An Explosive First Look

Get ready for BOOM!, the new game show that fuses family entertainment with the thrill and intensity of a blockbuster action movie.Full of comedy, color, tension and excitement, BOOM! is ...
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Gotham promotes two to regulars for season two

Gotham is upgrading two season one featured players to regular status for season two. Morena Baccarin joined the show in Episode 11, "Rogues' Gallery," as Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She appeared ...
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NBC is having an open casting call for the lead role of Dorothy in the network’s upcoming holiday special The Wiz Live!, set for Thursday, Dec. 3.The casting call is ...
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Jaws returns to theaters for 40th anniversary

The age of the summer blockbuster started 40 years ago in 1975 when Universal Pictures released a film by a young director named Steven Spielberg. That film, Jaws, became the ...
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Gilligan’s Planet is a throwback to the bizarro world of animated spin-offs

“Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a spacey, far-out trip That started from this tropic isle Aboard a handcrafted rocket ship.” That’s actually a better introduction to the ...
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Amazon Deal of the Day :: 24 – The Complete Series

Save 63% on 24: The Complete Series, including the TV movie 24: Redemption and the event series 24: Live Another Day. The 60-disk set also includes a wealth of bonus ...
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