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Saturday Night Live :: The 40th season ends with host Louis CK as offensive and offbeat as ever

It's hard to judge Saturday Night Live seasons; they are usually filled with enormous amounts of inconsistency. Even when you had killer casts, with superb wonders like Phil Hartman or Bill ...
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Amazon Deal of the Day :: The Abbott & Costello Show

One of the most influential comedy programs in history, The Abbott and Costello Show brings joy, happiness and non-stop laughter. Praised as one of the 100 greatest TV shows of ...
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2014 Catch-up :: Beyond the Lights has stars that shine despite its average plot

Rewind Movie Review is a feature where I review a movie I haven't yet reviewed, but I didn't see in the theater. Today: Beyond the Lights. I had heard a few ...
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Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t quite live up to the hype

I've really been trying to avoid subjecting myself to Fifty Shades of Grey, having never seen many of the popular book-to-film series like Twilight or The Hunger Games (and I ...
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2014 Catch-up :: Magic in the Moonlight is Woody Allen failing to charm you by force

Woody Allen has a very discernible style, one that often revolves around either an obvious stand-in (himself, Owen Wilson, Alec Baldwin) or an obvious object of lust and admiration. Or ...
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Summer Binge Watching Guide

With the summer season on the horizon, and giant shows wrapping up, airing series finales, or departing until next year, we're about to hit the summer slump. You could go outside ...
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Blues legend B.B. King dead at 89

The legendary B.B. King died in his sleep Thursday evening (May 14) at his home in Las Vegas. King's career spanned nearly 70 years, and he continued performing well into ...
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Pitch Perfect 2 has a hard time finding its quirky voice again

Every now and again, a film comes along that is so quirky it defies all of the odds stacked against it and becomes a bigger hit than it was ever ...
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Mad Max Fury Road is the fastest and most furious action film of the year

Movies featuring car chases have been around for almost as long as cars and movies have existed (see The Keystone Cops). 1968's Bullitt is credited for having the first real "car ...
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The CW announces its fall schedule, but the real action comes in 2016

The CW announced its fall schedule and, well, it's pretty much going to pick up exactly in the fall exactly where it's leaving off this season. The fall features one ...
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Inside Amy Schumer took on the fetishizing of beer and Letterman

Inside Amy Schumer had another great episode this week, although the various segments had mixed results. The first sketch was about the nonsensical nature of beer ads, an easy target, but ...
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two or … The Inhumans Coming Summer 2019!

For a show that had such a mixed, uneven first season, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D had an amazing season 2. The amount of character development, forward movement of the plot, and surprise ...
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