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Gunpowder & Sky Distribution

Gunpowder & Sky Distribution

This film chronicles the incredible secret journey to launch Google Executive Alan Eustace higher into space than any human has ever gone without a rocket.

Imagine you’re Alan Eustace. You’re in your 50’s, you’ve got two young daughters and a loving wife at home and you’re the Senior Vice-President of ‘Knowledge’ at Google. But none of that matters to you right now — because in less than a minute the giant balloon strapped to your back is going to inflate to the size of a football stadium as it carries you over 135,000 feet straight up into the stratosphere — higher than any man has ever gone without a rocket ship! 14 Minutes From Earth documents every harrowing moment of Alan’s unprecedented mission to promote science and space-exploration. From a crazy idea sketched on a napkin, to dangling in outer space wondering if he’ll ever see his family again – you’ll experience every pulse-racing failure and feel-good triumph of the world’s most unlikely space explorer. Shot in complete secrecy over the course of two years, you’ll take a never before seen look at history in the making as a small but dedicated team dares to push the boundaries of technology en-route to a record breaking journey to the stars and back.

KO Creative

KO Creative


14 Minutes from Earth was released in limited theaters November 8, 2016.



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