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CBS All Access puts up a Good Fight

Full disclosure number one: I have not seen more than a few moments of an episode of The Good Wife, tuning in to see the shocking death of the Josh ...
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Riverdale :: Maple Syrup Blood Feud

This week's episode returned to the Jason Bloom murder story, and gave us another movie-related title, "Heart of Darkness." For the uninitiated, the title refers more to a novella rather ...
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John Wick: Chapter 2 is a fitting and beautifully violent sequel

Two years ago I had heard a lot of very positive things about John Wick, called Keanu Reeves’ triumphant return to action glory. And it was all I had heard, ...
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Get Out mixes horror, humor & a message

Every once a while a movie comes along that is virtually unreviewable because of the intricacies of the plot which would result in a massively spoiler-filled report. Get Out is ...
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Do the Agents of SHIELD have Self Control?

Before we get into this week’s episode let's touch quickly on the past weeks we missed. “Boom” and “The Man Behind the Shield” were both very good episodes. Not quite ...
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Vanity Fair: Movie Award Show Breakdown

This video breaks down the odds of each nominee type winning their Oscars category, based on a ton of research from data on 88 years of Academy Awards.   Enter to win ...
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Is Supergirl heading to the chapel?

Before we dive into this week’s fun let’s catch up a bit on what we’ve missed the past few weeks. “The Martian Chronicles” was a fun action adventure with just ...
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Harley and the Davidsons shows how three men built a brand and a lasting legacy

The tagline on the Harley and the Davidsons DVD/Blu-ray combo pack promised I’d learn the story behind the name. As a self-proclaimed history buff, I thought “Okay, I’ll give this ...
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Box Office Report :: February 17-20

Another four day holiday weekend in the US (Presidents Day) yields some not so impressive results for several newcomers with the weekend down 47% behind last year, bringing 2017 10.4% ...
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Things slowly begin to take shape on The Walking Dead

Of all the events taking place in the latest episode of The Walking Dead ("New Best Friends"), let's first talk about that "pokey walker" for a few moments: Are we really ...
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Timeless :: Has time run out?

The first season finale of Timeless -- and let's hope it's not the last -- picked up right where we left off last time with a gravely injured Rufus just ...
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Girls breaks down and brings up an episode of parallel dramas

So previously, Hannah surfed and screwed and sat in silence, Marnie hooked up with Desi after asking Ray to leave, yeesh. This episode was called “Hostage Situation,” and the direct thematic ...
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